Month: February 2010

Are YOU a Sex Offender? Watch Out!

In response to the tragic death of Sarah Foxworthy in December 2009, Maryland legislators have introduced tons of bills (53 at last count, across house and senate) aimed at getting tough on sex offenders. Not all of them will be passed, of course, because there is duplication. But frighteningly, some probably will become law.


What could possibly be scary about any law aimed at protecting our children from predators? Well, maybe if even one of them was proven to WORK…

But I started this piece with a question. Are YOU one of those evil monsters? Let’s take a little quiz. Answer yes or no.

   1. Ever been written up for indecent exposure?
      (includes streaking, public urination, and

Letter to The Editor

An ounce of prevention could have seriously changed what happened in this article It appears that a 19 year old former foster child was lured to the home of her 48 year old case worker and raped or an attempt to rape happened. The details about this I did not find to be very clear.
What facts that are clear to me is that this girl was attacked and was placed in a very bad situation. The real question I ask is did a sex offender registry help on this to protect her? Well no it couldn

See you in the funny papers!

The Cartooning of America


The original intent of the registry;   The national registry was designed to keep track of the most violent and predatory offenders, not low-risk and non violent offenders.  Since that time the registry has grown and due to the AWA many low-risk and non violent offenders have been reclassified. 

Springing from this massive database of offenders comes the money brokers who have seen the public frenzy created by this out of control registry system.  They come in all forms from large GPS manufacturing companies to small upstart so-called newspapers.
The tactics used by these quazi public servants are questionable at the very least, on the other side of the issue they beg for a full investigation by the FBI into the campaign used by these companies to control public opinion for profit.