Month: March 2010

KY Upholds Ruling that Ex Post Facto Implementation of Res. Restrictions is Punishment and Unconstitutional

In an earlier Ky. Supreme Court Decistion : Ky. Supreme Court strikes down law targeting sex offenders

Today, Kentycky denied the Attorney General’s Appeal…

Kentucky’s Attorney General’s Petition to the U.S. Supreme court on Residency Laws – DENIED

  3-8-2010 Washington DC:

Posted at the US Supreme court on the docket for Kentucky v. Baker (09-775) is a note that the high court has DENIED the Kentucky AG’s Petition.

It is not suprising that the petition was denied since it was based on the personal opinion of one person and not a mass of Kentucky courts in disagreement with each other.

Such means that Kentucky’s residency laws -for the moment- will not be applied retroactively to those convicted before the date of enactment of the residency laws. Full RULING BELOW

Reflections of History



          There stands no greater threat to humanity than a ruler who fails to learn from the past. The mistakes and misdeeds of men and monsters have been preserved in literature and in recorded history. Young men and women spend years in school learning about atrocities committed by men with names like Hitler and Goering. Some of these go on to college where they learn even more and yet for some reason once they leave these schools of learning this knowledge fades away. In time some of these people run for political office and once elected they begin to push for laws to control those who elected them. It is an age old problem one that has brought about such sayings as,