Month: July 2010

America: The Idea Examining the Intent of the Constitution

At one time, America was simply an idea. People escaping the oppression of England were heading to a new life in a new world. The “idea” was freedom and equality. Later on, along those same lines of thinking a constitution…

Vigilantism, an Age Old Problem

What is it about some people? Why do they decide that it is their place to step in and control a situation? Some even going to the point of harassing or becoming violent in the name of what is right. It is not right.

Vigilantism. It’s an age old problem. Vigilantes see themselves as upholding the laws, since law enforcement has not. The problem is, they go beyond the law and most of the time end up breaking the law. Then, when caught they stand up for each other. However, when they break the law, they are the criminals.

Rather than being law abiding citizens and allowing the system to work, they hinder law enforcement in doing their job, which is to protect citizens, all citizens. Vigilantes consider themselves as above the law and in effect thumb their noses at laws they disagree with. Or worse, they feel they can do a better job. In the process the recruit others and soon there is a whole group of dangerous, unstable vigilantes acting on their own as law enforcers. At the very least they stir up paranoia and evoke fear and hatred. And occasionally their actions lead to beatings and murder.

One vigilante has found herself on the wrong side of the law. After harassing registered former offenders in a trailer park in Florida, Barbara Farris, the president of a group known as the Bee Squad, which tracks sex offenders in central Florida has been arrested on a warrant from Alabama. The charge, menacing.

It would seem that this person is the most dangerous in the area, not the RFSO’s who are monitored by the state. This should be a warning for vigilantes everywhere, let law enforcement do their job and worry about your own families.

“There is an old saying the one that screams loudest about someone else has the most to hide.”