Month: September 2010

Sex Offender Treatment

From Sandy Utah, comes a sad story of a repeat Sex Offender who brazenly adduced and raped a 4 years old child in the same store her mother was shopping in. In fact the store was crowed. What motivates a person to do something like this? The answer seems to elude us. The closest thing we can look at for comparison is alcohol and drug addiction.

When a person is diagnosed as an alcoholic or a drug addict, everyone knows these are lifelong afflictions. Many people fight these afflictions on a daily basis. The desire for the substance is ever present, but those who successfully resist these addictions often do so by turning to groups like A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) and N.A. (Narcotics Anonymous)

A 12 step program.

Addiction to anything is difficult to fight. It takes courage and knowing what to avoid and doing so. The 12 step program for drug and alcohol addiction helps along both lines. It brings together people

Could We Have Prevented Chelsea King’s Death?

Letter to the Editor

Surprisingly, last week I received a letter in my mailbox from Chelsea King’s and Amber Dubois’ killer, John Gardner. I initially wrote him many months ago to ask him to explain how he morphed into a habitual killer.