Month: January 2011

Amber Alerts 2010

As we near the end of year 2010 and slide into the new year 2011, I feel compelled to take a look back. As most people know the majority of all Amber Alerts are noncustodial parents trying to take their children back. Parental abductions usually end without incident, but not always. Non-parental abductions are more likely to end badly.

This year and in particular the last few months, have shown that the child predators will likely not be on a sex offender registry. Although it may be deemed an unpopular fact, less than 95% of those registered sex offenders will never re-offend.

My personal opinion on the subject of this law is it does not serve the purpose it was originally designed for, registering violent and repeat offenders. It’s instead filled with people that have non-sex related crimes, thousands of children from age 7 to 17, and one time offenders that will likely not re-offend. It has become a way for individual states to get federal money for each name they add.