Residence Restrictions: The Consequences

An article was published by the Orange County Register ( on April 26, about five years after passing Jessica’s Law, named after a child who was sexually abused and murdered, a law that was in urgent response by politicians from a public in a furious reaction to this tragedy. It was supposed to protect children from the evil treacherous sex predator that most of the public believed was listed on the Sex Offender Registry. However as facts and statistics were consistently ignored, the law was passed anyway and now the name of Jessica Lunsford is tarnished by a failed policy.

“There’s not a shred of research that supports residence restrictions.
“We do things that are not so wise, because we want to do something.” Tom Tobin, vice chairman of the California Sex Offender Management Board.

There is no excuse, the experts in the field vehemently tried to warn politicians about residency restrictions. (search “Jill Levenson residency restrictions”) Time after time it fell on deaf ears because most people believe, and still do to this day that the common sexual predator is the dirty old man hiding in a beat up van and hangs out near schools and bus stops. During which time, uncle Tom continues to sexually abuse aunt Tina’s children.

Politician Stupidity at it’s finest. Maybe next time you will do some serious research.

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