Serial Rapist Released; Mob Mentality Unleashed

Serial Rapist Released; Mob Mentality Unleashed

Pillow Case Rapist Released -LA Times

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Recently a judge has approved the release of a serial rapist. Convicted twice, he has served out his sentence. Over the past eighteen years he has spent in intensive therapy in a mental hospital and they have now certified him as rehabilitated and ready to re enter society. He has spent nearly all of his adult life in a prison or an institution. Now at 63 he will be released under tight supervision and carefully scrutinised  with every move.

There is no sympathy whatsoever from the protesters who attended a Hearing in San Jose. Many of whom sent emails, letters and petitions to the Supervisor responsible for the release program. Nevertheless, the testimony of the trained specialists prevailed and he will be released.

After reading the article, even I found myself joining the mob mentality with the desire to not have him released. His crimes anger me even more so than those protesting, not so much of also being a victim of sexual abuse, but to be placed on a registry of which the public considers all of whom as a serial rapists or serial sex offenders. Whether they are or not, that is what the public perceives.

This man fits within the 1 to 2 percent who would be re-convicted for another sex crime. Unlike the overwhelming majority of those on the registry who will never commit another crime, much less a sex crime. But he is now 63 years old and spent nearly all of his adult life in confinement and in a mental institution. Some people still say he is an animal and should never be released, however, you can only beat a dog into submission for so long.

We’ve had members expressing their own anger at this fellow with words like “scumbag, animal, idiot” and I’m sure there are more that I won’t use here.  But it is people like this who have a history of repeat offenses that make the life of a typical registrant absolutely miserable because most people believe that everyone that is on the registry is a Serial Rapist, or a Serial Sexual Abuser, this has been the greatest failure of the registry.

Over the past decade or so there has been a huge wave of hysteria brought about by only a few high profile events of a child raped and murdered and as a result many new sex offender laws flew through legislation with very little opposition, much less any serious research.  During the wave, propaganda with false and incorrect information saturated the news and ratings blasted off  heading to the moon.  Many businesses totally exploited this wave including Ankle Monitor, Sex Offender Therapists, Lie Detector, Risk Assessment, “To Catch a Predator” series, and even Criminal Extortion Websites.  Now this has become known as the Sex Offender Industry.  It is no wonder there is little incentive to reduce the size of the Registry.

However, the wave has left a path of destruction from its wake.  Parents and families have risen up to fight against the tyranny and oppression armed only with Facts and Sanity.  To this day, it slowly chips away that stubborn wall which was ingrained into peoples minds by the deceptive propaganda promoted by the news media.

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