Hidden Skeletons

In that it has long been recognized that people that complain the loudest about exposing skeletons in someone else’s closet are normally the people that have the similar skeletons to hide. This is extremely true with politicians, especially when it comes to sex offender laws. These politicians that push the hardest in creating laws depriving sex offenders of their constitutional rights have many times been the ones that were later found to be predators and pedophiles themselves. To find the list of federal officials involved in sex scandals see:  List of federal political sex scandals in the United States -Wikipedia and for the state level see: List of state and local political sex scandals in the United States -Wikipedia
State Rep. Keith Farnham of Elgin is the latest in a long line of legislators that have been caught doing the exact things that they are quite willing to write laws without consideration of constitutional considerations that violate the rights of American citizens, while they (the legislators) think that they are above the law and that they can and will get away with it.
Farnham campaign touted his record ‘targeting predators’ -Courier News By Janelle Walker and Mike Danahey mdanahey@stmedianetwork.com May 22, 2014 8:58PM
Backers of former state Rep. Keith Farnham of Elgin — who is facing federal charges alleging he had child pornography on his computers — had used his record “targeting predators” as a selling point on a piece of 2010 campaign literature. The “Moving Us Forward, Making a Difference” mailer — paid for by Citizens to Elect Keith Farnham — shows Democrat Farnham smiling while he talks with a woman, two young girls and a young boy. It also touts his supposed roles in helping pass a $31 billion jobs bill, in passing crime-fighting measures, and for cutting his own legislative pay. Under the “Targeting Predators” headline, the piece states, “Farnham has worked to pass tough laws cracking down on sex offenders, including requiring those convicted of crimes against children to wear electronic monitoring devices and removing the statute of limitations on child pornography prosecutions.” Sources who worked with Farnham said that on at least one occasion — almost five years ago — Farnham had a newsletter printed touting legislation he was backing to battle predators and that warned parents of the dangers of the Internet. Sources said that about four years ago, Farnham had a coloring book printed that held state logos and which had his photo on the cover next to a drawing of Abraham Lincoln. Sources said staff recently cleaned out a storage area used by Farnham’s Elgin office and that the remaining books were put into the garbage.The coloring books and newsletter are boilerplate items many legislators order through the Legislative Printing Unit, sources said. For instance, a booklet of such materials showing a “Protecting Your Child on the Internet” tri-fold flier on a page also lists pamphlets titled “A Living Will,” “Is There a Meth Lab in My Neighborhood?” “Protecting Your Children from Abduction,” “A Resume Writing Guide” and “Saving Our Babies.” Farnham, 66, has been under house arrest since he first appeared in court April 30, where he posted $4,500 bond. After raiding his home and offices in March, authorities alleged that Farnham traded online in child pornography.