Weighing A Politician’s Integrity; The Truth about the Registry.

The Sex Offender Registry has swollen far beyond manageable proportions, it has become so popular that it is now known as part of the Sex Offender Industry.  Pressure from public opinion has introduced and influenced legislation that has left a miserable trail human casualties both on and off the registry. The action of the legislative branch has not left the politicians with a pleasant aroma for standing up for what is constitutionally right, they can either cave in to the opinion or face political suicide. If they cave in to the opinion and the facts begin to prevail then they face being shown that they have supported deceptive propaganda, If they stand up and acknowledge the science they face losing their popularity.  It is a politician’s dilemma. A truth for the uneducated there is excuse, however when facts are clearly visible and accurately communicated there is no excuse,  when it is ignored it becomes ignorant bigotry. It now can be said we have ignorant bigoted politicians, for the evidence has been laid on the table by science itself.

The founding theory behind the registry was the high re-offense rate of the sex offender, facts and statistics have continued to crumble this theory. In fact about every attempt to determine high re-offense rates, including risk assessment, has failed. At every attempt now, including and especially the Adam Walsh Act, has left the success of the registry in ruins. As has been said time and again, there is no accurate way to assess a person’s possibility of re-offending. Every one of the risk assessment programs has been proven to be flawed, and the one that they are using now is only at best 50% accurate. So how do you decide which are the most dangerous people if you can’t assess them, do it by their crimes? We’ve seen that the attempted with the Adam Walsh Act ( AWA) it did not work either, if anything it made the whole system worse.

How would you choose that specific group that are considered the most dangerous if the assessment programs are not accurate. Will they use a crystal balls or fortune-telling using taro cards to decide who is a high risk and place them on community notification? What if those chosen few would never have re-offended in any type of a crime? If they are on community notification the system may drive them into criminal activity, be it a sex crime or other type of violent crime. There again the system is a failure. Of course no one in government, the media, or the treatment experts, will take responsibility for the victims or the deaths of individuals that through their actions they helped create.

If by community notification and placing someone on a registry and calling them dangerous, yet they are not, say they will commit another crime, but they do not, would this not drive someone into hopelessness and despair?  If so would this not be considered cruel and unusual?  Are we really willing to parallel Japanese-American internment camps or Jews in a Nazi controlled Poland ghettos?

The registry has not yet been ruled unconstitutional, though it needs to be.
The Sex Offender Registry flies in the face of our precious Constitution. Community notification is immoral, sadistic, and quakes the foundation of our Constitution.

I can’t see what these people are trying to do as a victory, I see what they are doing as trying to put a new coat of paint on on a house riddled with termites that is falling down under its own weight. The system does not work and they know it but don’t have the nerve to admit that the premise of the entire system was based on lies and that it needs to be done away entirely. Instead they are trying to make changes to a system that is totally flawed to try to justify what is already their failure.

Sooner or later facts will prevail because Mythology will always remain Greek and we will never tolerate the embarrassment of it being printed in our history books as factual.  Soon, the Registry will be printed in our history books and America will have to stand in embarrassment as we see deception and hysteria created laws that just could not stand against science and sanity.

We begin to see evidence of another failure in the making according to SFGate in California:

Board wants to remove low-risk sex offenders from registry
Sacramento — The state board that oversees California’s sex offender registration laws wants to thin out and overhaul the registry because they say it has grown too big and does not help law enforcement or the public differentiate between offenders who pose significant risks and those not likely to reoffend.
The California Sex Offender Management Board is recommending to the Legislature that only high-risk offenders, such as kidnappers and sexually violent predators, should be required to register for life. Others could be removed from the registry 10 to 20 years after the offense.
The list of almost 100,000 sex offenders is unwieldy, they said, because California requires all sex offenders, regardless of the type of offense, to register for life.
The result, according to a board report last month, is that the list includes many offenders “who do not necessarily pose a risk to the community,” including almost 900 whose last sex crime was more than 55 years ago.

Read the entire article:

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