Vigilante = Bully = Sociopath

I was reading an article posted on the Once Fallen website, ( Vigilante Violence is not Justice -Once Fallen ), and it made me start thinking about the people that commit crimes against registered citizens. Christine and Jeremy Moody are typical vigilante, bully, sociopathic serial killers, the same as Ted Bundy, Charles Starkweather, or Charles Manson. Any time a person chooses a victim based on something that they dislike and then tries to justify their actions by saying that these people did not deserve to live, or that they were serving a higher purpose … no these vigilantes are actually extremely dangerous mentally ill people that normal society would not want to be around or have their children around. They are not the movie vigilantes that are doing some noble deeds, they are in reality an extreme danger to society.  It is no surprise that  Christine and Jeremy Moody consider themselves neo-Nazis. After all, their rationalization and justification for their actions are the same ones that Hitler used to murder 11 millions people and start a war. I don’t believe there is any way that a true American would try to glorify and thereby justify the actions of these type of derarranged killers.

From my point of view It is likely that the people that are supportive of these type of killers are often themselves in need of psychiatric help, simply because to try and justify these type of people’s actions for any reason in a modern society of laws speaks volumes of these peoples’s inability to fit in with normal law abiding citizens. The supporters of these sociopathic killers are by their own statements criminals themselves and are most likely bullys and sociopaths as well.

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