Sex Offenders Cannot Even Be Garbage Men?

Posted by fac-admin on July 1, 2014 in Articles, Featured Articles Anyone that is a registered citizen or has a loved one or friend who is, knows first-hand how difficult it is for a registrant to find employment. First, there are restrictions on where a registrant can work; not only geographically but also in which positions. Second, there is the stigma of hiring a registrant and the potential social and economic backlash that might come when clients or customers of that business learn of the employee’s history. Now, some recent articles have exposed a third challenge… employers can be liable for hiring sex offenders. Last week the Rhode Island General Assembly passed a bill that would fine certain businesses from hiring a sex offender (see: The same week, in an even more absurd scenario, a Massachusets garbage hauling company is in jeopardy of losing a multi-million dollar contract with the City of Quincy because they employed a registered sex offender. (see: Quincy City Councilor Brian Palmucci, who called the employment of the registrant a “public safety issue” contributed the following; “It’s important because these employees come in contact with children at school and with elderly populations.” for the rest of the story go to sex-offenders-cannot-even-be-garbagemen

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