Registered Citizens Step up to Help.

This is just a notice to all SOSEN members. I want to say Thank you for everything you have done for me. Although I personally am not a registered citizen, in the past I have had friends who were on the registry and friends who were not on the registry. The more I have learned about a registered citizen’s life and how much his/her rights are being scandalously stolen the more I have fought for them. The more I stood up for my friends who were on the registry the more my ‘friends’ who were not on the registry seemed to avoid me. Soon almost all of my family had even turned against me and abandoned me.

After a few very troubling circumstances, and an eviction, a registered citizen that had been a friend for only a short time opened his doors to me. It wasn’t much, but it was a roof over my head and I was in out of the rain. I began to become more involved in different groups that were fighting for registrant’s rights. After a small amount of time I was given the chance to move to a different state by another registered citizen. Then after only a few short months I found I needed to return to my home state because of a serious medical problem my mother was experiencing. Unfortunately I did not have the financial means for the trip. I had just about given up on the chance of ever seeing my mother again when two registered citizen friends of mine stepped up and gave me what I needed for the trip of almost 2,000 miles.That was also right about the same time my membership in SOSEN had just begun.

After the passing of my mother it was necessary for me to move yet again. With no ideas and  seemingly no one to turn to  I called upon some of of my registered citizen friends for advice. These friends not only comforted me in the loss of my mother but found another place for me to stay for a short time. At the end of that stay two more registrant friends found a nice location for me to live on a limited income.

I have been able to find various good places to live, receive comfort at one of the most grievous times in my life, become more educated and assist in making advancements in a cause I truly believe in. Throughout  these experiences I have found who my true friends were and I am now making more friends every time SOSEN gets a new member. Is it any wonder that I can now consider all of you at SOSEN my family? These learning experiences have been wonderful. THANK YOU SOSEN for all you have given me, I only wish I could do as much for you in return. I am going to give it my best shot and continue to fight for the rights of all registered citizens and SOSEN. Once again, thank you.

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  1. Jennifer
    August 6, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    As always in God’s eyes no one is too broken to repair, many of the registrants on the list DO NOT BELONG there. You can’t say they they will reoffend and this list stops them. I think people with a DUI should be made to be on a list. they may and probably will drink again killing Someone!! If a man has ever sold a drug to child put him on a list, because he may and will do it again, and the child might die. But yet a man who has never touched a child will be put on a list because he Might??? Now all our relationships growing up were illegal, if you dated a senior. Now Every guy that has had a that fantasy of a young school girl should be put on a list for thinking it. This is how ridiculous the system has Gotten!!

  2. Scott Delaney
    August 24, 2014 at 2:29 am

    This whole list thing in my opinion is about as good as people meddling in other peoples business and forgetting to focus on their own affairs. While the list is made up to protect the children and give parents a heads up of where the registrant lives, this also opens up more oppurtunity for gang related activity which could result in severe bodily harm or even death.

    The registry does not say it prevents them from commiting another crime and it serves No safety for the registrant or the concerned citizens as well.

    This in my opinion is an open door to privacy rights being violated on the grounds of identiity theft and I find it very hard to feel sorry for anyone else become victim of identity theft when Our own monkey run judicial branch of government allows such things as a sex offender registry. This follows suit along with bullying.

    If anything more needs to be done, it is rehabiltation programs along with safe persons for a sex offender and stopping the promotion of sex in school while passing out condoms to children who are under 18 and haven,t even developed a planned future for their lives. We have given sex a top notch reputation and teens have no sense of morals with the way parents and schools permiate their minds with such filth.

    We need to get to the root of the problem that was planted and not just pluck the dead leaves to make it seem or look like it,s all better.

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