This newsflash from California RSOL

Charles Rodrick, owner of a family of websites that publishes the names, photos and other personal information regarding registered citizens and sometimes members of their families, today lost a case filed against him in federal district court when the court entered a default judgment. The case alleged that Rodrick and others he controlled violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act by extorting money from individuals in order to have their personal information removed from those websites.

“This is a major victory for registered citizens in our nation,” stated attorney Janice Bellucci. “The court’s decision today to enter a default judgment in favor of the plaintiffs sends a clear signal to Mr. Rodrick and to others like him who break the law by illegally demanding funds from registered citizens.”

A total of 10 plaintiffs from 5 states challenged Rodrick’s actions in a lawsuit filed in Arizona federal district court in March 2013. The plaintiffs in the case are seeking termination of the websites at issue, payment for their damages, punitive damages as well as attorneys fees and court costs.

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