W.A.R. Challenges New York Legislators

The following was transmitted to all New York legislators.

Women Against Registry (WAR) displayed an exhibit last week at the National Conference of State Legislators in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We asked one New York Senator about the part that the Parents for Megan’s Law (PFML) plays in the state’s sex offender registry. His reply was that the registry is administered by the Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) and not the PFML organization. We identified misconstrued and misleading information found on the PFML website. The Senator replied it was merely a First Amendment right for them to publish whatever they want. The same issue was discussed independently with two other New York Legislators while they visited our exhibit the next day. They assured us the matter would be reviewed. Both took our business card indicating we would receive follow up information.

Pursuant to Resolution 1125-2013, PFML is in charge of verifying addresses of registered sex offenders within Suffolk County. We understand this is an obvious preemption of state law. They are effectually “subcontractors” of law enforcement. Registrants report residency check visits are performed by retired law enforcement officers. They are no longer law enforcement officers after retirement yet PFML is employing these citizens to act in the capacity as such. The law does NOT require registrants to speak to these agents nor do they have to permit their entry into their homes.

PFML is receiving 2.7 million dollars for the 3-year contract awarded by Suffolk County. We understand the method used to award the contract is suspect. Governmental contracts awarded by the county must follow a competitive proposal process. Legislator John Kennedy of Nesconset questioned why the new law had to be pushed through so quickly. He took issue with the $900,000 annual contract being granted to a private contractor without the benefit of a competitive proposal process.

Various organizations submitted numerous communications to Ms. Laura Ahearn, Executive Director of Parent’s for Megan’s Law, requesting that the overstated and exaggerated data be corrected. All requests have been ignored.

https://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/earmarks.php?fy=FY08&cid=N00025413&cycle=2008 (It’s on there at least 3 times… look for “Stony Brook, NY” as the location)


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We are asking that you thoroughly investigate the manner in which this contract was awarded. Also in question is the data on the PFML sex offender registry website. It blatantly misrepresents the present situation regarding registrants and recidivism. This promotes fear-mongering among the public. One can easily realize the skewed data places PFML in a more favorable position to receive donations from those viewing information on their website. The expanse of data available from academics and researchers gives a much more legitimate representation of this issue that impacts our families.

Vicki Henry, President

Women Against Registry, Inc.


2 comments for “W.A.R. Challenges New York Legislators

  1. Scott
    September 20, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    I am not totally against the sex offender registry but I do say, much information such what kind of vehicle and the home address should not be published on any any website. I do believe their is a such thing as repeat offenders which is cause for the offender registry. I also believe too much stigma also contributes to those who want to change but are burdened with too much regulation and not enough public support and lack of accountability partners on the outside while they re integrate back into society.

    People these days have the mind set that a sex offender will just grab their child in any given public place whether it be at walmart or the local convenience store.

    Let,s face it, We should not trust anyone regardless of they are and we should be more vigilant about who we hang around and the general public in the first place. We no longer can live like the Mayberry neighborhood where we used to leave the doors unlocked and let kids roam the streets at any given time. We still have kidnappers, rapists and muderers and people forget when your time has been served you are let out of prison, and it happens everyday. Do we have a national database for notification of who is let out of prison everyday across state lines??

  2. September 23, 2014 at 10:33 am

    I was coerced by US Customs agent to plead to a Federal offence, “Transportation of a Minor for Illegal Sexual Purposes, “Receiving a Lewinsky from a 17 year old”–3years older than the age of consent at that time. We made up the offence because I was told by the arresting officer that they would see to it that I was killed in state prison.

    All state charges were overturned and the US Supreme court over turned the Sodomy law that was in effect at that time (1987).

    I have never been adjudicated as a sex offender, but when I moved to Alabama they labeled me and have forced me to register 1/4th century later.

    I am suing the State of Alabama at this time.

    Keep me posted.


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