Donavon Lace on John Grisham’s Apology

I would like to believe that we live in a Society that believes in its Constitution, Democracy, and the Republic in which we live.
I also would like to believe that we live in a somewhat educated society unencumbered by the practices and fears of the Dark Ages.
Though I would like to believe, this is simply not true. This becomes very apparent when and educated man such as John Grisham has to apologize for stating the truth.

Should you doubt the validity of John’s statements please read the following article.

Mr. Grisham’s comments were taken way out of context and America descended upon him like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

I was ashamed to be an American.

We live in the Dark Ages today, what I mean by that is simply this. If you looked at Society as an outsider and realized it was technologically advanced in all areas of science. Created Wonders using its technology and insight but never applied this knowledge to Social policy. An example, a society that had the cure for cancer but because of public policy, political red tape or religious belief would not administer it to its people. What would you think? You would think those people were crazy. Well you can’t see the forest for the trees because that’s the society we live in.

Society historically does two things without fail.

Society loves to ostracize what it considers to be lower or undesirable classes. Just ask the Indians, Blacks, Irish of 1862, the Japanese of 1965, and the Jews of Nazi Germany. A society will take great pains to ensure the Freedom and Liberty enjoyed by Status Quo does not extend to these other classes.

Society loves to believe the Lie. It amazes me and it shouldn’t because the behavior has repeated itself so many times that no other evidence is necessary. Example when Christopher Columbus returned from his voyage providing empirical evidence to that region that the world was round it took one full generation before it became accepted belief. Think about that for a moment…
The Lie is so much better than the truth it entertains Societies innermost selfish wants and desires. So much so that when indisputable empirical evidence is presented to the contrary Society still endorses and embraces the Lie.

Here is a modern-day example of Societies love for the Lie from my own personal experience.
I was working at a company as head of its IT department. One evening my wife assaulted me (which I didn’t consider to be a big deal at the time) and I directed her to go stay in a hotel. The neighbors heard the noise and call the police. I was falsely arrested for domestic violence. This was later acknowledged by the Police Department when I was let go and my wife was arrested. I missed a day of work and had to explain things to my superiors. Somehow word got out that I was involved in a domestic violence case. Specifically to four very concerned women. These women treating me with such disdain and hatred that it became a real problem. The tension became so uncomfortable the four of them went to management and said they couldn’t work with a man that beat his wife. A meeting was held with my wife present with a letter to these ladies explaining that she was the aggressor and that I never laid a hand on her along with the police report of her arrest for domestic violence. Well things went downhill from there. These women just couldn’t accept the fact that I was the victim. When the truth was revealed the women just did not know how to act. Their animosity, disdain and hatred not only continued but grew. These women just wanted me to be the bad guy. Eventually I was asked to leave the company with a generous severance package.

John Grisham simply told the truth about unfair laws that applied to a sector of our Society that is considered lesser or undesirable. Because this population of people is considered undesirable Society feels the Constitution and Democracy are not supposed to apply to them. Should the Constitution and Democracy only apply to classes of the population we like? Society feels that every American should get their individual turn throwing proverbial stones at these citizens long after their legal sentence has ended. Under the guise of safety the stones should be thrown at them for the rest of their lives. Once again, believing the Lie that every individual required to register has done something unforgettably heinous to a child. All the empirical evidence in the world disproving this will not make it untrue to the Lie loving Society we live in.

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