REFUGEES USA: Families Destroyed by the Registry

A seven part series has been published by Nebraska’s unafraid on their website we hope that everyone will follow the links and read this story of a family struggling to survive the effects of the registry.

During Thanksgiving Week 2014, the NebraskaFACTS blog posted Refugees USA: Families Destroyed by the Registry, a seven-part series that is a first-person account by the wife of a registered citizen who is incarcerated.

More than 10 years ago, when her husband was 18, he had consensual sex with his girlfriend and as a result ended up on the sex offender registry. Now married and the father of a 2-year-old daughter with his wife, this man likely will not be free until his daughter is 10 years old. That is not because of any new sexual offense, but because he was in technical violation of convoluted registration laws. His wife and daughter are refugees in Nebraska, surviving despite a political / law enforcement / criminal justice system that is designed to expose them to public hatred and destroy them. Theirs is one among many similar stories.

The story pulls no punches and makes no excuses – the couple accepts responsibility for their poor decisions. The story also lays bare the destructive conduct of parole and probation officers, law enforcement and others who believe sex-offender laws give them license to destroy more lives. The story asks: “How much longer can we afford sex-offender laws that force people out of homes, make it impossible for them to find work, and provide no protection to our children?”

Here are the links to Refugees USA: Families Destroyed by the Registry:

Part 1: Consensual Sex a Decade Ago

Part 2: Forced Into Homelessness

Part 3: Seedy Motels, Constant Fear and Flight

Part 4: A Cruel PO Sows the Seeds of Fear

Part 5: U.S. Marshals Bully a Mom and a Baby

Part 6: Blatant Insanity, Courtesy of the PO

Part 7: Never-Ending Collateral Damage


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  1. December 2, 2014 at 5:22 am

    Thank you for seeing to it that a wider audience has access to this story. If the registry and public-shaming website affect you or a family member, you know that what is recounted here is not an isolated case. What happened to this family is typical of what happens to the families of registered citizens. Our society is unable and unwilling to break its habit of singling out a despised group for hatred, and then permitting sleazy politicians to build careers on devising laws that capitalize on fear and hatred.

  2. Scott
    January 9, 2015 at 2:21 am

    Let’s face it, If we all set out to be vigilante,s we,ll all end up at war with each other and nobody will be at peace. Are we their yet??

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