Legally Kidnapped by Carlos Morales

I think most people here know that I think very little of psychiatrists, psychologist and therapists simply because they break all the rules in true science and yet claim that their pseudoscience is based on facts . Their unproven theories and ideas have damaged so many individuals without them so much as apologizing for the damage that they have done to people and the families. Well now I have another group of people that I have decided that I really despise —- government social workers.

I picked up a Kindle book a couple months back and never got around to reading it . Then I started it tonight. I’m already so upset that I can’t even keep reading, this is one that I’m going to have to come back to a number of times to finish

The title of the book is legally kidnapped, The case against Child protective services, by a former CPS worker Carlos Morales there are only 16 chapters in this book, and I’ve only got through the first two and already I’m so mad that the United States government over what they have done to people of this country in the name of protecting society since 1914 that I can’t even see straight!


The inhumanity of humanity knows no bounds when systems are put in place which justifies their injustices. Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services is a radical book at its core. It seeks to strike the root of the problem rather than feverishly vying for compromise. This book is a journey inside an agency that has carelessly and often unnecessarily disrupted families throughout the country. With over 400,000 children in the United States currently in the custody of this organization, it is imperative to explore the true intentions and motives behind its work (1). This is a book about Child Protective Services, assembled by a former CPS investigator who has worked to expose the agency; it is dedicated to the past, current and future victims of an agency which has hurt parents and children time and time again. Though it may seem extreme, the information divulged to you is backed by facts and experience. After working for the agency and observing the miscalculation s and overt corruption, I’ve found it necessary to expose the exploitative actions carried out in the name of “helping children.” Because we do live in a world where parents abuse their children, it is imperative to acknowledge that the agency tasked with protecting these children has failed. There are well-intentioned people who work for Child Protective Services, but they can only do so much in an agency with corrupt incentives that prevent truly beneficial work from being done. The sad fact is that sexual, emotional, and physical abuse has been rampant in the very foster homes and out -of-home care environments that were created to ensure the safety of children (2). When all of the details are laid out, it is abundantly clear that the world would be better off without Child Protective Services. Therefore, it is important for families to know how to fight the agency in order to protect their children. To fight the system you must understand the system, and by reading this book you will find out the truth about Child Protective Services.

Morales, Carlos (2014-10-18). Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services (Kindle Locations 146-154). . Kindle Edition.

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