The Power of Numbers!

In a recent post on SOSEN Forums an article that was published in American Aljazeera was discussed ( and an interesting truth came out of that discussion that will come as a shock to the media as well as the political system.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, in an attempt to show how many dangerous sex offenders are out there, has published a report in June of 2014, in order to garner more monies to keep their operation running after all, they are part of the victims industry in this country. The problem is that they have opened the door showing how much political and consumer power that registered citizens and their families really have.

According to this map ( ) Oregon shows 703 people per 100,000 residents are on the Registry, that’s one out of every 142 people in Oregon are on the SO Registry. So if you figure that each one of those people have at least 3 family members that are affected by the registry in some way, that’s one out of every 35 people in Oregon are somehow affected by the registry in that state. It’s one out of every 495 people in California are on the registry  using the same logic that there are probably at least 3 other people that are affected by the registry. That means that in the state of California one out of every 125 people is suffering collateral damage because of the registry. In Florida, one out of every 295 people with family that 1 out of 73. In Texas: one out of every 312 with family that 1 out of 78 persons

In fact for every person that is placed on the registry, at least three other people are affected by those same laws, and that is a conservative number. It may be as high as five people negatively impacted per registrant.

When looking at the entire United States, one out of every 403 people is on the registry, and at least one out of every 100 people are suffering damage because of the registry, and this includes both the children on the registry and the children in the families of registrants who are suffering collateral damage because of the registry and community notification. /blog/2014/02/25/government-sanctioned-cruelty-to-over-half-1-million-american-children.html

Is it any wonder that the news media is starting to have to report the truth about the registry. Even though they are doing it grudgingly and most news media sources would rather play the sex offender card to boost their ratings than actually be on the side of truth and fair reporting. From now on when they are reporting to their audience, they must realize that one out of every 100 people or less in their audience are outraged and damaged by the twisted story’s that they present. From now on, they better start getting their stories right, and this goes for politicians local and national as well. Are they willing to ignore one out of every 100 of their constituents and try to bring about more sex offender legislation, when all the studies and research  (/blog/2014/11/06/why-are-the-reconviction-rates-so-important.html) have proven that registered citizens have a less than 3/100 of 1% chance of being involved in a new sex crime and less than a 6/10 of 1% reoffend rate for a new sex-related crime Those legislators that choose to ignore these facts,  had better bend over and kiss it goodbye, because ignoring the number of constituents effected by these laws will be political suicide.  The snowball has started to roll down the side of the mountain and the avalanche is coming!