Spouse of Registered Citizen Forced to Quit Job, and Her Three Children Lose Their Home.

So,  My husband is an registered citizen and it really didn’t affect our lives too much for the first 6 years of our marriage until 2013.  He had been following all the rules and being a productive member of society.  He was only without a job for 1 week in the whole 8 years I had know him until that point (and I’m sure you all know that is saying something considering how many people don’t hire felons, much less registered citizen’s).  I just had our third child a couple months prior.  He had been receiving letters from Tennessee where his offense occurred saying that he lived too close to a daycare.  He spoke with the SO tracking unit where he checks in every time he’s supposed to and where the address was on file for the last year and they said the distance rule did not apply to him.  He called the number on the letter – no answer to the call nor his voicemails.  He wrote letters to the office on the letter – no response.

Then one day a cop tails me on my way to pick up my kids from daycare. (Can you say embarrassing?) They asked me where my husband was – At school, which he notified them of at every checkin.  I called him and he came straight home.  By then there were 2 cops in the driveway and as soon as he got there they arrested him.  What I though was going to be a few days of misunderstanding turned into almost 2 years and the ensuing court battle hasn’t even begun. My husband sleeps in our van by a canal that fits the distance requirements and since I had to quit my almost $17/hour job to take care of our young children we now sleep in the sanctuary of our church.  So many other horrible things happened in the last 2 years that I wish we could take back.

So, I know what its like to be on the leftover side of a sex offense. Therefore, I am going to school to become a psychologist to change the perception of registered citizen  in our society.  I have researched some of Jill Levensen’s work and it is very impressive.  I would love to meet her or work with her one day.

We are very familiar with the Florida Justice Transitions and I am serious about starting another community like theirs except for one thing…I want this one to be for families.  I want my family to be whole and I know that if others were given a chance they would be able to have much more productive, healthy lives which is good for everyone.

So, if anyone wants to support this endeavor please go to gofund.me/l6ts5s
I have big dreams for this community, changing perceptions, restrictions, laws (Megan’s Law specifically) so please share any thoughts or opinions.
I also started a blog to get people educated victimofjustice.wordpress.com

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