Fifteen years is a long time

I find the scarlet letter wording quite interesting!   What I was looking at is that the law says that it’s NOT a punishment, but in this write-up they admit that it is.

Megan’s Law Registration and Community Supervision for Life as Counterproductive to Rehabilitation
An argument may also be advanced that after 15 years, if a person has been productive, gainfully employed, law abiding and has fully complied with all conditions of counseling, parole conditions and supervision – registration and the intrusive nature of parole supervision can be counterproductive to rehabilitation and not in the interest of society.

Registration can result in hostility from neighbors, can interfere with employment, and may create issues relative to interfering with the establishment of a normal healthy family unit. Having law enforcement periodically visit one’s home, question family members, question neighbors, can also be destructive to a healthy and stable life. The legislature recognized that there comes a time when even those convicted of sex offenses may be deserving of being welcomed back into the community without the “Scarlet Letter.” Fifteen years is a long time to prove that one can successfully participate in society under the onerous registration and supervision requirements.

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