Do Sex Offender Registration Laws Do Any Good?

By Nicholas Maietta

Yes. Sex offender legislation is good and here’s why:

It easily tells us which politicians could care less about constitutional values and are in it for THEIR greater good, or to ensure that they stay in office, or help them to be elected into office.

It lets us know who the hypocrites or future hypocrites are. (Those who bark the loudest, are usually the ones guilty, I learned that in prison, by the way. There is a long list of politicians who pushed hard for these crazy laws and we later found out about their own skeletons or that they were just in it for the money)

It proves that history actually does repeat itself (prewar Germany). In reality, first they came for the sex offenders.

It helps me figure out who my real friends are, faster than ever.

It helps me figure out who to avoid any contact with, quicker than ever.

It gives me the power to move into a neighborhood and de-value the house prices of those people I hate, while breaking absolutely no laws.

A former Sheriff of Del Norte County, California had his home custom built. He later decided to target me on his Facebook account. So I moved into his old house, the one he had custom built, forcing him to update his “public notice” on me to include an address many people thought was his.

It gives people like me an opportunity to educate others about things that have happened to Americans since the registries went online. Such as GPS bracelets being put on schoolkids in Texas. (Remember, that used to be “inhumane”). Now truant kids in Texas can get strapped with  GPS units, ta-da, and that’s just the beginning.

The registry and the laws provide a gateway to the application of same or similar laws on other Americans.

There are many reasons why the registry is good for us and for the people. I look forward to everyone being on the registry in the future. That is everyone except the politicians!

/* Sitting at my desk laughing hysterically */

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