Civil Regulation? The Registry & its Components are in fact Punishment.

The first thing that must be pointed out is that the sex offender registry came about because of the myth that people convicted of sexual related crimes were always going to reoffend.  Some of the numbers that were tossed around at the time that the registry was conceived were 60 to 80% would reoffend. The registry was not originally designed to protect anyone, it was simply there to aid law-enforcement so that they would have suspects to look at because of this belief of high reoffense rates.  As we now know, that belief is not only a myth, but it is an outright lie.  There is no high reoffense rate of any kind for people convicted of a sexually related crime.  The studies all show a reconviction rate in the single digits, and many studies show the rates in the fractions of a single-digit (why-are-the-reconviction-rates-so-important). So to start with, because there is no high reoffense rate, there is no compelling reason for the the existence of the sex offender registry at all (other than fear, bias, bigotry and hatred of a class of criminals). Secondly, because of the lack of a high reoffense rate, there is no use for law-enforcement to have this duplication of information that is already available under their normal investigative procedures. This is only wasting time and resources and leads to harassing people who have a low risk to reoffend while making them and their families’ lives miserable.

As for the components of the registry, such as community notification, residence restrictions, job research and housing restrictions, freedom of movement restrictions, freedom to cross state lines restrictions, plus the many other components of the registry that could not exist without the registry’s existence; for a person to say that any one of these components is not punishment shows the uneducated bias of the person speaking or else they have a fiduciary interest in perpetuating these lies.

According to our declaration of independence all men are created equal, and in our Constitution and Bill of Rights it is laid out that all people will be treated equally. It is very apparent that a person who is on the registry is not treated equally with other citizens. This becomes quite obvious when a person who is not a sex offender accidentally is placed upon the registry or one of its components such as having their driver’s license tagged.  If there was no disparity between ordinary citizens and registered citizens than they would be treated exactly the same. Quite obviously they are not.

In a recent story in the Orlando Sentinel, ( a woman’s drivers license was mistakenly marked, indicating that she was a sexual predator and a registered citizen.  In the four days that she had that drivers license, she was:

-denied entry to Walt Disney World and held by Disney security in a room unable to leave for several hours
-denied a hotel room
-subjected to disdain by her bank

-subjected to bias at court
-suffered fear to leave her house.

This was all in just 4 days. Another other man incorrectly labeled a sexual predator was almost arrested just trying to go on a naval base, man-wrongly-labeled-sex-offender-on-id . After his death his family was offered a settlement for him incorrectly being labeled of a paltry $20,000.  After all the humiliation that he had suffered because he unknowingly carried an ID card, showing that he was a registered citizen.


What would a lifetime of such treatment do a person? When ordinary citizens are stigmatized by being indicated that they are on a Government sanctioned registry, it is quite obvious that the stigma of being on the registry is in every way, a form of punishment.  Make no mistake about it, in this country shaming a person is a form of punishment,  People v. Meyer People v. Lowe, 606 N.E.2d. People v. Molz, 113 N.E.2d, People v. Johnson 528 N.E.2d, State v. Burdin 924 S.W.2d ,People v. Letterlough 655 N.E.2d, Lindsay v. State 606 So. 2D, and when that stigma is carried over to innocent family members including children through collateral damage, (/blog/2014/02/25/government-sanctioned-cruelty-to-over-half-1-million-american-children.html ) than there can be no doubt that these laws that are based not on facts, but rather fear, hate and bigotry are unconstitutional.  For anyone who reads this and thinks otherwise I suggest you ask yourself this question, how would you feel if you or a close family member suddenly ended up on a registry and community notification with all the restrictions that it implies, would you consider it a violation of your constitutional rights and outright punishment?

7 comments for “Civil Regulation? The Registry & its Components are in fact Punishment.

  1. rsojoe
    June 10, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    Good one. Thanks for writing.

  2. June 12, 2015 at 4:09 am

    If the registry was merely regulatory, those citizens mistakenly ID’ed as “sexual predators” should not have had anything to fear or worry about.

    Obviously, we know better, and so did they.

  3. resignation
    June 12, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    unfortunately, it will never change, and no one cares

    • THE REAL !
      June 28, 2015 at 12:24 am

      As long as people like you resign and think no one cares then for people like you it will never matter-Sounds like you’ve given up- Nevertheless, there is a God who cares and somehow He will make it right !

  4. Robert Curtis
    June 13, 2015 at 10:43 am

    I have developed a system of influencing that if taken to heart and acted on will make a difference at city, county, state and federal levels.

    Forgive me and my lacking towards defining what resources are available to you via your local hair salons and barber shops. These people are directly in touch with voters …they are the boots on the ground.

    How can you use their relationships with community to promote our rights in this war? What does a hairstylist and barber value most? Their cutting tools.

    If you determine to sharpen their scissors for free stating (XYZ politician) sponsored their scissors to be sharpened…that (XYZ candidate) will be voted for and one thing hairstylist do is talk. If a politician is playing the race card( I mean sex offender card) they now have a problem. Just go to their rival with your sponsorship program.

    I will teach you these easy skills and we will take the country back one hair salon and barber shop at a time! Although this is a complementary service (a month before elections ONLY) hairstylist usually give tips out of appreciation..I averaged $100 a day in tips for all the free work done. The normal fee for sharpening is $25 per scissor (outside of election season). Robert Curtis (949) 872-8768.

    I am a registrant that use to be a salon owner and hairstylist. The registry will be defeated. Our fight ladies and gentlemen is a patriotic one. We are all soldiers in this war…there are no civilians on the registry. Justice will prevail.

    The politician as a sponsor must (or should) agrees to give a donation to any organization that supports abused women and/or children. Well, that’s what I requested of my candidate in lieu of me being paid.. The tips from those very happy beauty professionals can average around $100 a day for all your work, but the money isn’t where the value is it the relationships and votes!.

  5. Scott
    June 16, 2015 at 5:34 pm

    When a government has the ability to label their people It is class war fare. When you try and rebel and fight for your rights it is automatically disorderly conduct or some other trumped up charge. It has been discussed that they want to place rfd chips in felons especially sex offenders. I say when they sway with the devil the devil will dance and bring much more trouble than they realize as he is the father of lies.

  6. Tim
    August 11, 2015 at 2:22 am

    Nice article ……….. yet, I ask myself, when are those on the registry, in all States, going to ACTUALLY unite and formulate a coordinated legal attack on the issues discussed within the above article ?

    Just last year, I randomly contacted 50 S.O.’s within this State, asking if they would be interested in pooling our collective resources in an effort to combat the Civil vs. Criminal renderings of the registry. How many S.O’s responded you may ask ? ….. ZERO !!!! …. this type of apathy really has no excuse & speaks loudly about those who are willing to accept the status quo …..

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