The Truth — Are We There Yet

More and more, I think that the effects the registry is having leads to more families becoming unwilling to report abuse, and so in some cases, the abuse then continues.

The registry has grown so large that nearly everyone knows at least one person who is registered.  If you were to interview complete strangers on the street you would find this to be true.  So I did, with twenty people coming out of a nearby convince store and it did prove that now nearly everyone knows someone who is registered.  Actually 18 of the 20 said yes they knew someone name that was on the registry, only 15 of the twenty said they actually knew the person personally or at least knew who they were, and then with 11 of those 15, a most surprising thing occurred.  Without me bringing it up, eleven of those asked about people on the registry went on to say on their own, that “the person they knew was not like those others on the registry and really shouldn’t be on the list.”  I also asked if they had actually checked the online registry and how often they had gone to the site.  Only one person had gone to the site and they were one of the people that hadn’t know anyone on the registry.

Last of all, while I only asked people that I didn’t know, no one indicated they knew who I was or even suggested that I might be a registrant myself.

The gay movement actually finally moved out of the closet and gained traction once it became common that nearly everyone knew at least one person who was gay.

Except for the political gains for politicians, I truly believe the tide is turning, but still remaining are the staggering consequences that this registry system has caused and one of the primary failures is that it has and is causing many many families to keep their secret and they are no longer willing to report their family’s crime.

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