The Sleeper has Awakened

I, like many people, have for a very long time been plagued by stressful dreams.  Perchance it is my affinity for science fiction that many of the dreams fall into places and situations that seem outer worldly, then at other times they are very down to earth, but not necessarily places or times that I am actually familiar with. As I now look back on many of them I find  a similarity, I’m either forced to stand to the side and watch others being treated badly or am involved in trying to help, calm or perfect a person or group that I am part of.

Tonight I woke from one of those dreams with the realization that within those dreams that I am not myself. Sometimes I am one of the affected groups or sometimes I’m one of the majority that is doing the harm  I’m seeing in my dreams. When I am on the controlling group side I feel nothing if not anger and discussed for the actions of my peers but I’m trapped by my position within the group.

Perhaps you say, that is because I am one of the disfavored members of society and because of that I feel an empathy towards all others who because of their difference are being attacked and disfranchised. But my dreams take me across this world and beyond they have always, it seems been trying to show me something from the perspective of others. those others have not been necessarily been of my race, color, creed or religion nor have I found myself in places familiar or am I just in my time.

I have sat on the councils that judged witches and demons based on twisted religious beliefs and I’ve been a member of the family’s of those who are being judged. I’m was honest member of a gypsy caravan whose members have been rounded up and sent to the death camps, and I’ve been one of the soldiers doing the rounding up. I have walked the trail of tears as a Cherokee and as a soldier, I have been a poor child and the Sheriff caught up in America’s eugenics movement. I have been a pagan and Christian in ancient Rome. How many times and how many conflicts I have been on both sides of that fence in so many different situations. I cannot begin to tell you. In every case where there has been disfranchising no matter what side I have been on I have felt the frustration, the sadness, the shame, and the anger at not being able to do anything to help those from both sides knowing that many of my peers have felt the same as I do.

Tonight it was different it was as though I had stepped outside of the people directly involved. That are the boots on the ground level of things and reached into a plane above some of the common people’s problems standing off to the side and watching not the control-e but the controllers and I’ve recognize something. The problem of human suffering does not stem from the actions of the people directly involved in the conflict it comes from the policymakers, the religious leaders, the back seat drivers, and the zealots, whether their reasoning is based on religion or ethnicity, color, race, money or just plain irrational dislike of another group. They are responsible for placing the hate and distrust in those under them and then turning them loose like some child’s wild windup toy that slams into the walls until they destroy themselves and the other things around them.

Our founding fathers struggled with the same things as we are today where groups of people or those in power have attempted to take away basic human rights. That is why they wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They attempted to lay down moral guidelines for this country to follow.  Those guidelines can be put into simple terms even today,  All human beings have a right to live their lives as best they can with out fear of other groups, countries or governments including our own interfering in those individual freedoms. Those guidelines also point out that we are free to follow our beliefs. But we cannot force our religious or personal viewpoints on to others. 

There is a great evil in this world, but it doesn’t come from common people no matter what group they are in, what color they are, what their religion is, or their ethnicity, it comes from single individuals and small groups of people who force their values and beliefs onto others.  They attempt to take away peoples human right to live a life that is unburdened by overbearing restrictions and the fear of imprisonment or death.

We talk about the moral code of religious values. In reality those values pale when you realize how many different sects there are to religions and how those values can be interpreted by each religion and the divisions within it.

We in this country have a moral code that every one of us from the President down to the homeless person on the street should use as a guiding light and shine that light on any person or group that attempts to set up laws, rules and regulations that deprive another human being of the rights that have been granted by that overpowering moral code. That moral code for this country is set down in our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights. That is what has made this country great. That is what turned this country into the melting pot of the world, the shining example that brought people to our shores searching for a better life, no matter what their education, background, country of birth, or religion. They came here because they recognize that our Constitution and Bill of Rights gave them the opportunity that they had nowhere else in the world a better life without fear. Remember our forefathers set this country up to be a Constitutional Republic not a democracy.

In a democracy the Majority rules if the majority decided they wanted to take your property or freedom they can take it. In a republic your property & freedoms are yours and you do not owe them to anyone, they cannot be taken against your will by law. America set out to be a constitutional Republic. Now in a Republic the individual is protected from the majority. Constitutional law and a Constitutional Republic is what we were given and it’s up to us to make sure that we keep it.

Over the years people with power have recognized that this freedom granted to the people was detrimental to their control. Policy makers and Religious leaders have worked for years to steal our personal power of individual rights and our individual ability to make personal decisions. They recognize that if they take away that freedom from the people they will be turning the people below them into sheep and worker ants. Some do this out of some perverse pleasure of being able to control others’ lives. Others are blind fools who have been indoctrinated by those above them. They have used fear as pointed out in the book 1984. They have used control over our minds with subliminal bits of information and at other times out right mind control as was used in clockwork orange. They have piled lies upon lies. It was Hitler that said if you tell a lie enough times and loud enought it will become a truth. People today are fearful for their own safety to the point where they’re willing to give up their Constitutional freedoms for safety and security not realizing when they give up those personal freedoms they will have neither.

Don’t misunderstand me if a person not a group but a person does something wrong they should be held accountable before the judiciary and be penalized for their actions. The legislative body should not be dictating to the judiciary the length of sentence or the severity of punishment they should set guidelines especially for the maximum and minimum sentence but legislators should not hamstring the judiciary on the side of leniency and allow the judiciary to step outside those guidelines when circumstances arise. The legislative body should not be allowed to dictate an exact punishment for a crime and leave the judiciary no room for compassion and understanding.

By our own Constitution and Bill of Rights the legislative branch does not have the ability to pass a law, rule or regulation that treats a person or group of people, any group of people, differently than the rest of the population. this is covered in the federal Constitution under “Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3, of the U. S. Constitution guarantees that “no Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.” Similarly, Article l, Section 10, provides that “[n]o state * * * shall pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligations of contracts * * *.” A bill of attainder is a type of class legislation that imposes punitive burdens on a particular, legislatively determined group, without the benefit of a judicial proceeding”. To do so sets up a chain of events, that leads to the path of tyranny for all citizens. It’s easy for a legislative body to choose a disfavored group, we have seen this throughout history, and then legislate stricter requirements attempting to disfranchise or banish that group from their presence. This form of terrorism by our legislative bodies should be recognized for what it is, a violation of our Constitutional rights. In a Constitutional Republic, this is treason.

Citizens today seem to have forgotten that their forefathers that came to this country, left everything behind and jumped into the great beyond, not knowing if they would be able to find work, housing, food, safety or security. They did this because the United States offered the one thing that they did not have in their own countries, Freedom of choice. Now many of our own leaders, be they financial, political, or religious are trying desperately to strip those same freedoms from us so that they can impose their control over us.

When any person in power step outside those moral guidelines set down within our Constitution and Bill of Rights and uses other ideologies, dogma or others twisted moral values in an attempt to lay-down their moral codes for this country no matter what their realization, justification or how they attempt to minimize them, they are in fact political or sociological terrorists whose goal is to divide, conquer and control this nation.

Alexander Hamilton  wrote:
“Nothing is more common than for a free people, in times of heat and violence, to gratify momentary passions, by letting into the principles and precedents which afterwards prove fatal to themselves. Of this kind is the doctrine of disqualification, disfranchisement, and banishment by acts of the legislature. The dangerous consequences of this power are manifest. If the legislature can disenfranchise any number of citizens at pleasure by general descriptions, it may soon confine all the votes to a small number of partisans, and establish an aristocracy or an oligarchy; if it may banish at discretion all those whom particular circumstances render obnoxious, without hearing or trial, no man can be safe, nor know when he may be the innocent victim of a prevailing faction. The name of liberty applied to such a government would be a mockery of common sense.”

Anyone who insists on banishing, disenfranchise or trys to segregate or punishing a group for any reason is in fact evil, and our founding fathers recognized the possibility of this evil. No matter how high or what their position is, those who would steal a person or groups liberty should be held accountable for their treasonous crimes against this country and humanity.

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