A Recap of Sex Crimes Committed by Registered Citizens on Halloween

Now realizing that there has not been a registered citizen involved in grabbing a child  for sexual purposes on Halloween while trick-or-treating in over 35 years.  There was only one child that was grabbed/kidnapped/abducted by a person for sexual purposes, in that time period, while trick-or-treating and that person was not on the registry,  One child in 35 years!

Well, while law enforcement were patrolling the homes of the supposedly dangerous registered sex offender and arresting them for having their lights on, as well as harassing their family members. this does not include the registered citizens who were falsely incarcerating by law enforcement over Halloween.  Note those registered citizens were not on parole or probation in some states. All the while law enforcement was diverting  their manpower from other more important things. So this is what was happening under their noses to children in the United States.

Two children and one adult were killed and multiple others suffered “life-threatening” injuries when a truck plowed
into a Halloween hayride in rural Mississippi, authorities told NBC News

Mother, twin daughters, hurt in alleged drunken driver crash

A 14-year-old boy is expected to be okay after being struck by a work van while trick-or-treating in Long Branch Monday Night

Toddler struck, killed by vehicle outside S. Austin


UC Santa Cruz student hit by car after Halloween party

Girl, mother seriously injured in crash while trick-or-treating for Halloween

Officers from the Elk Grove Police Department reported that an 8-year-old child, for unknown reasons, ran into the street after departing from an event at the church.

Garden Grove Police Vehicle Accidentally Strikes Bicyclist On Halloween

Syringe Found in Child’s Candy Ruins Halloween:

Halloween trick-or-treater dies after being hit by car,

10-year old pedestrian struck on Halloween in Rutherford

Child killed, teen injured in Halloween accident in Huntsville

Car hit 13-year-old in Anderson Township Halloween night

Three trick-or-treaters struck by vehicle in North York

No points for law enforcement looking like they’re doing something, but in actuality failing to protect the citizens and the children from real dangers. The people who pushed these types of restrictions and laws that wasted valuable law enforcement resources should be really proud of themselves as they visit the hospitals in graveyards.

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