Holiday Travel Tips for Sex Offenders

Before going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for the holidays, registrants may need to notify the authorities of their travel plans.

 One of the numerous requirements of the Sex Offender Registration Act is that every Nebraska registrant must notify authorities before he or she embarks on a trip longer than three days. The notice must be given within three working days before the trip.

Although some county officials ask for the address of your destination(s), you are not obligated by Nebraska law to share that information with your resident county.

If you travel within Nebraska, you must notify your local county of your “temporary domicile.” In Nebraska, a temporary domicile means any place at which the person stays for a period of at least three consecutive working days.

So, if you’re traveling from Omaha (Douglas County) to grandma’s house in Grand Island (Hall County) for a week, you must notify the Sheriff’s Office in both counties.

As a Nebraska registrant, if you travel to another state, it is your responsibility to know what that state’s legal requirements are; otherwise you could be facing a felony. Some states’ requirements are statewide, and others are by county and city. In some states you could have 3-10 days before you must register the location at which you are staying, and in some areas it could be within the first 24 hours.

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