A new look at truth and Justice for all

Don’t make the mistake of falling into the bigotry, propaganda and lies put forth by any hatemonger groups that are attempting to make themselves look better or feel better by attacking a disfavored group of people. These hatemongers always use myths, half-truths and lies. The result of this is that these bigoted groups siphon off much-needed funds from communities using such catchwords as “if it saves one child” or “community safety”, when in fact, laws, rules and regulations based on these misconceptions are damaging children and doing nothing for community safety. This one truth is supported by the literally many hundreds of articles, studies and evaluations that the bigots don’t want you to know about. If you were to find out the truth of how these people are making money for their personal gain and diverting much-needed resources to satisfy their unjustified hatred and bigotry of a disfavored group it would surely put an end to it.

I call upon people who truly believe in the American spirit of truth and justice for all to question themselves. If you were publicly shamed for the rest of your life for a mistake or bad choice that you had already paid for, and that mistake had been made years earlier, and you had made strides to change your life but because of that bad choice and misinformation put out by bigoted hate groups you were personally shamed daily and also denied places where you could live and work as well as access to public facilities that were paid for by you and your family’s tax dollars, including the schools where your children go and hospitals where family members may be being treated, or take your children to an amusement park, or even a city park, would you consider that you and your family were being punished? The 14th amendment of the Constitution say that all people must be treated equally. So if there were laws, rules and regulations put into effect limiting YOUR personal freedoms and YOUR ability to find work and housing would you consider it a violation of your constitutional rights?

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