Combat Veteran motivation

Each day I find myself being confronted with different groups of people suffering from the fact that they are on the registry. The registry, in turn, seems to cause a lot of imaginary issues as far as I’m concerned, but others perceive them as being potentially life-ending problems. These problems are normally headed up by the constant “I can’t find a job” or “it’s hard to find somewhere to live”. Then broken down further when people say, “I can’t get a job because I don’t possess the skills, and I cannot go to school for the skills because of the registry”. The answer to all of this is very simple, you’re not trying hard enough. You have chosen to quit and not succeed, to sit down on the sidelines of the path to greatness, and to listen to others when they dictate your life.

   I am an American Heathen, I am a two tour military combat veteran, I am a registered citizen, but I am NOT a failure. I have never sat down on the sidelines nor have I allowed the registry to dictate how I will live my life. Since day one of becoming registered I have fought for my spot in the limelight of victory. You may think that I haven’t or couldn’t walk a mile in your shoes, but I promise you that I have walked the paths that all others have failed to start. I came home from combat with nowhere to call home and two bullet holes in my body. Three days later I had not one but two jobs, fighting alcoholism and PTSD I survived two years before deciding that I needed to learn a skill beyond being infantry. I left for Florida and enrolled in tech school to become a manufacturer certified motorcycle technician. Through those two years, I maintained being on the director’s list and a peer tutor to anyone in the school. Two years later I found myself under the thumb of a corrupt legal system and on the registry. I then spent the next two years fighting tooth and nail with Probation and Parole to maintain my freedom and sanity, through fire and adversity I walked out my two years all while continuing to work multiple jobs at once.

   Finding employment has nothing to do with being on the registry, it has everything to do with not stopping until you find work. If not having a certain skill set stands between you and that job then learn it. If higher education is what it takes then seek it out just as I did. I had to go in front of a cities school board and explain my criminal background before being allowed to go to college. In that two years of college, I worked odd end jobs to maintain my rent being paid. After completing my two-year degree, I learned that I had been on Dean’s list for the entirety of those two years. Beyond that, I have continued to work two full-time jobs as well as help, inspire and motivate all of those around me.

   I refuse to quit, back down or slow down. I will not stop because the sky isn’t high enough. I have found myself rebuilding my life twice in thirty years, but I still have never stopped. People ask me how I do it and my reply is always simple, “never stop, never $*@#()$! stop”. I challenge anyone reading this to get up, get on your path to greatness, be great, be strong, and don’t ever stop climbing the hill. Living in fear will get you nowhere except where doubters want you. Living with self-pity and woe will get you nowhere except on the path to depression or worse. Living in laziness while expecting handouts from government ran funding programs will get you nowhere except a lifeless existence. If you need the motivation to get up and climb then I am here to motivate, but don’t cry in my direction because you think the registry is to blame for your problems in life when the root of it all is that you are not pushing hard enough to win.

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