My Dad – His version of life as a firefighter!

Please, listen to his words: From my Dad to you!

I am a firefighter, I am a New York firefighter, I am a California woodsman firefighter, I am a Colorado mountain fire fighter, I am a firefighter in Montana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Florida. Wait – back up a minute, let’s go back, we have a problem in Pennsylvania!

Let’s talk about a little town in Pennsylvania that allowed a tier three sex offender into their fire department to work on their team. He was noticed by someone because of the sex-offender registry and someone complained that he was not worthy to die for them. By popular vote he was condemned to not be worthy of risking his life for other people and because of him the general public started doing more extensive registry checks. Thanking God for the registry, people found other men who were also risking their lives as firefighters, but not all in the same town, the people became even more thankful!  You see, if these bad, bad men who are sex-offenders masquerading as firefighters would have all been in the same town, the entire town would be completely destroyed by contaminates. That’s right folks, did you know that the touch of a sex offender can destroy little kids and adults alike? The DNA of his sweat can actually peel the paint right off the walls of homes that are for sale and destroy forever the lives of new occupants with ghosts running around through the halls at night? Did you know that just by his presence an entire train can simply jump right off the rails of a track and do ungodly amounts of damage, even if he manages to get himself killed in that disaster, which is of course, a highly unlikely end to someone with such powers. So then by deductive research, it’s just got to be true that a sex-offender has every ability known to the Devils and one of them is to toss fire from his fingertips and then have the audacity to say that he wants to put the fire out just so he can get warm and snugly with your babies who are victims of the fires that he has started. It must be all true, we’re reading all about it on the internet and even I didn’t know that I had that kind of power! I wonder if that’s why the law wants to keep sex offenders off of the internet, could it be so that we don’t find out that we really do have the ability to derail trains through some magical power that can only be explained by AI, or it’s equivalent. Oh,……….. I get it, we aren’t human, are we?

Okay folks, it’s me, Kay, the daughter of this wonderful man who is really no longer human, he is with the Angels and in another story I explained that his lungs gave out, smoke from fires didn’t go so well in his life. So, while we’re taking into consideration the effects of the latest media click bait news let’s take a break and talk about my sex-offender father.  I am proud to be allowed to take this time to introduce him to you. He was a man who fought a million fires, exaggerated only by a couple, he managed to escape the train derailments, and guess what, there is still paint on the walls in every house that he ever lived in but I credit that to my mother’s ingenuity, you know – the  kind that says she was going to stay married to a man for thirty-six years in spite of hell all over her life. She promised, and she delivered! She managed to keep the paint on the walls and sweep the ghosts right out of the attic! She was one amazing woman, my mother, but then folks, my dad was an amazing Father! Let me tell you about my parents. Keep in mind, he was a sex offender, he was age thirty-three, she was his victim at age seventeen and together they managed to fool the world by living respectable lives. She was a nurse and he was a carpenter who built so many things that I’ve lost track of all of his accomplishment s. They were amazing and highly talented people.They raised two daughters who are doing quite well in life. And folks, don’t forget, he was a firefighter too!

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