Government Sanctioned Cruelty to over half a Million American Children.

As strange as it may seem there are many disfranchise or second-class citizens in the United States and many of those American citizens have children that look to them for not only food and shelter, but emotional and moral support. At the present time government sanctions are undermining a group of second-class citizens ability not only to provide the emotional support, but the food and shelter as well.

This can’t happen in America, you say, but at the present time there are over an estimated 800,000 people in the United States that are similarly situated in that they have found their children mentally emotionally and physically attacked because of government policies. I recognize that not every person of that 800,000 has a child, but I also know from my own experience that many of them do have multiple children. For the sake of argument let’s say that each one of these people has at least one child of their own, or a stepchild, grandchild, niece or nephew, not to mention spouses, parents, brothers and sisters aunts and uncles. At the present time the estimate is well over 2.75 million people affected by the governments unjustified attempt to banish people.

At the present time many studies have shown that the damage to this group of individuals is substantial and ongoing. To give you an idea, in a study done by Jill Levenson the family impact study ( ) it was found that 47% of this groups children have been harassed ,59% have been ridiculed by others, 22% have been physically attacked, 65% feel left out and lonely, 77% suffer from depression, 63% suffer from fear, 73% suffer from anxiety, 13% have suicidal tendencies and 80% have anger issues related to government sanctions against their parents.

I realize that these percentages don’t make a lot of sense so let’s get down to the real numbers 376,000 children have been harassed, 472,000 children have been ridiculed, 176,000 children have been physically attacked, 520,000 children feel left out and lonely, 616,000 suffer from depression, 504,000 suffer from fear, 584,000 suffer from anxiety, 104,000 children have suicidal tendencies and over 640,000 children have anger issues.

Many of that 800,000 group have been forced from their homes, some have been denied jobs and some have been forced to separate from their families. Many of this group are also young people who have been forced into homelessness because they have been denied the right to live with their parents because of city and state segregation type sanctions placed against them.

At this point I understand your confusion, what is this group of people that this suffering so badly within the United States and why haven’t you heard about them. If you’re a member of the civil rights group you can see the need for someone to stand up and speak out for these people and their families, and the groups that do this will find a large influx of members and money. But sadly, as it was during the 1930s, as Hitler’s regime was starting to take power In Germany and singling out disfavored groups, most people and groups will choose the cowardly way out and will turn a blind eye to this type of discrimination. Others will use bigotry and false information to justify their actions as Americans did against The Japanese-Americans during World War II.

To find these people you have no further to look than your state sex offender registry. Let’s  put one myth to rest immediately, people who have been caught in registrable offenses reoffend at less than 1%,  again since percentages can be misleading lets put it into real numbers. We know that the media plays a sex offender card any time somebody is involved in a media story If a person is on the registry, no matter that they are the victim in a car accident or a victim of a home invasion, it is always pointed out that they are on the registry, but how many times a month does somebody on the registry actually reoffend in a new sex crime. Strange with the media keeping such close tabs on registered citizens and strange that a person on the registry reoffending in the new sex crime only come up with two or three times a month for the entire country. granted the media may hype the story for days on end. What the reality is it’s just one person talked about over and over again not a new crime by a different person. This is especially true when the news media makes a point any time, somebody on the registry reoffends and The story ends up showing all across the country. If a full 1% of the people with prior sexual convictions were to reoffend there would be at least 154 people show up on the news per week or 22 new crimes per day instead of the two were three per MONTH that do show up. The few studies that have been done of the re-offense rate of people on the registry show a re-offense rate of less than 1% per year. So It would seem that organizations need to speak up for that 99+% for the families and offenders that have paid their debt to society, and are living a crime free life striving for the American dream of a job, family and a home, but because of the registry, these families and children have been made to suffer a living hell. Will no one stand up for the victims of the registry.

Why aren’t other organizations and groups taking a stand and speak out against this state-sponsored segregation and discrimination, because if they don’t soon it will only lead to more segregation and discrimination against other groups. It’s easy for corrupt politicians to pass laws that are only enacted against the low hanging fruit of society, but eventually when that fruit is gone they start picking from higher limbs on the tree. Think about it, if they can get away with it with a specific group of citizens now, you or somebody you know may be the next one that is discriminated against. You need to start acting now to put an end to the segregation and discrimination that has been enacted by public officials against the children and families of registered citizens. Removing community notification will save hundreds of thousands of children from harms way.

Or we can continue down the path and let history repeat itself as happened in Nazi Germany in the late 1930s. After all if you look at history you will find that they didn’t first come for the Socialists, nor was it the trade unionists nor the Jews. the first Nuremberg laws were aimed at what people considered sexual deviance’s next was the handicapped and that opened the door for the the rest that ended in the Holocaust.

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  1. Caring
    April 19, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    And that is why I don’t know why we as the spouses, children, mothers, fathers, roommates, etc can’t file a discrimination and harassment lawsuit. I get it, nobody would listen to the actual registrants since everybody seems to think they deserve what they get, even though they don’t. But, the innocent bystanders or family members who are affected by this the same, if not worse, is a different story. Ok, then there will be those who will say that the spouses who stay with the registrants deserve the same punishment if they don’t leave. Still, there are children as well who should not be harassed and treated like outcasts. I thought this was all for the children? What happened to that? Are innocent children of registrants not good enough either. How could we go about filing a law suit on behalf of the family members who are affected by this nonsense?

  2. Thomas Darby
    April 19, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    Excellent article, Will. Too often the media, even those sympathetic to our cause, will misquote figures. What I usually hear is that 3-5% of registered citizens re-offend. However, that figure includes ALL offenses… including the desperation of an out-of-work, homeless registered citizen who shoplifts in order to eat, or gets arrested for drug possession in his attempt to escape emotional pain. As we know, the 1% figure you quote is the important one: The number of repeat sex offenses by someone on the registry. Compare the huge numbers of those convicted of drug sales, gang violence, etc. who return to their life of crime. It is a shame that we face a new Inquisition. New laws spring up every election year. In 40 years, will people hang their heads in shame– as they did 40 years after the Japanese-American internment camps were closed– over what they did to American Citizens on the registry?

  3. Sharon
    April 20, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    I don’t know if the numbers are ever really correct for anything, even when the numbers are important. Thinking of elections, banking errors, intentional accounting errors as in theft.

    Then, when it comes to recidivism rates, who cares enough to make sure the tally is correct unless they’re forced to, so it’s easy to simply throw out a number. Is there a way to really figure it out, assuming that anyone cares?

    Add to that, honesty is a big problem. Sexual recidivism does not include any other crime, including not registering.

    Look at what Florida is dong? The big news this week was that if a RSO goes to Florida then they will automatically be on Florida’s sex-offender list FOREVER. So, we could say that Florida is being dishonest and if they are being dishonest about the numbers of Florida sex offenders (never mind what reasons are behind that madness), they will lie about anything. We would never get the truth of recidivism out of that state.

    And by the way, Florida, we all know why and we sympathize with Florida’s victims and we applaud the Florida workers there who work tirelessly toward helping the sex offender population and their loved ones.

    And PS: Some people pray for the oppressors and we all know who THEY are!

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