So you want to have a Registry for Community Safety.

For those of you who believe we have to have a registry to protect our citizens. I have from time to time thought hard on this and I recognize the fact that there are people out there that just aren’t going to change their beliefs and attitudes towards other people and will continue harming others, so here’s my solution.

If we have to have a registry, which I believe is unconstitutional, then let’s limit it to the most dangerous people. In order to be legal within the Constitution it cannot be limited to just one class of crime or criminal. Plus it must be proven that they are the worst of the worst and a danger to society. So here’s how we go about that.

First of all it has to be a hands on crime, that is it has to have a real victim who has physically been harmed. the claiming of mental or emotional harm without physical harm is unrelated in that we all suffer mental and emotional damage from our daily lives. But were looking for the worst of the worst.

It follows that those that have hands-on crimes involving a victim that suffers physically, mentally and emotionally are the worst. So what would fall within this guideline.The first thing that comes to mind is rape and sexual assault but we can’t stop there that is only one class of crime. We would have to include murder and assault, that could also included home invasion if the victims in the home were physically harmed. This could also include armed robbery or even carjacking if physical harm came to a victim. Also included in this would be things such as DUI, DWI if there was injury to either people in the vehicle that the drunk driver was driving or in another vehicle. I think you get the gist so now we’ve laid out the guidelines for what type of crimes would be on the registry.

Next how a person attains a position on the registry. That would be from multiple separate convictions, understand this would not be from having multiple charges and one conviction. it would need to actually be actual separate convictions over a span of time specifically the second conviction would have to be after a person has been released from prison or jail or after or while on probation. To give you an example of something that would not put you on the registry is a person with an assault conviction who later burglarize a house with no one in it and is caught and convicted. this person would not be on the registry because that was not a hands on crime with physical victim. But a rape charge followed by an assault charge, or two separate DUIs both resulting in physical injury would be enough to put you on to the registry.

How would you be put on the dangerous criminal registry it would not be automatic it would be at the discretion of the judge to rather a person be placed on that registry. This is simply because the registry is a form of punishment and must come from the judicial branch.

Who gets to see that information?  It would be exclusively for law enforcement with the proviso that if a citizen was worried about the actions or interactions of a another person that they could go to law enforcement sign a document stating that they would not release that information to the general public and ask about a specific person. they would then be told about the persons convictions and that they are on the dangerous criminal registry.

There would have to be penalties for any citizen that use that information to harass, threatening or damage another person standing in the community. This proviso would only be to allow person to make the decision about their contact with another person, not a blanket release so that they, out of spite, hatred or seeking revenge do damage to another persons life or reputation.

After all the primary reason for having a registry of violent offenders is so that law enforcement has an idea of the violent offenders in their area. It also puts the violent offenders on notice that in any instance of a crime they will be the first people to be looked at and question such as in the new hit-and-run.

As for the length of time the person is on this registry it is limited to 10 years, if they have no other convictions of any kind, the person automatically comes off after that time. If a person can operate for 10 years in the community without another conviction they are highly unlikely to reoffend at all.

Reporting requirements. They would have to report four times a year information similar to the sex offender registry now. But it would also have to be tailored to the specific type of crime that place them on the registry by the judge. This way we have a registry of the worst of the worst that includes all crimes that are a danger to the community. Yet takes into account that people make mistakes and most people will learn from their mistakes, therefore we should not place a scarlet letter up on their head denying them the opportunity to better themselves and participate in the community.

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  1. Thomas Darby
    June 30, 2018 at 9:33 am

    I liked where this was going, except that it makes suggestions as to who should be on the registry. I agree, but recognize that others (with their own agendas) would see RSO’s as the “worst of the worst.” This backwards thinking is what got us here in the first place. To my way of thinking, there should be NO registry of any kind for any human being living in our supposedly free society. These registries only serve to inflame the public and promote vigilantism. I don’t believe in any kind of registration of any criminal, because the police, who need to know, already have that information. The public over-reacts.

    • Will Bassler
      June 30, 2018 at 1:59 pm

      As I stated at the first of the article I believe that the registry itself is unconstitutional. but some people think that they have to have some type of registry for dangerous people so that law enforcement can easily track the current location of former perpetrators of crimes which they are not able to do at the present time except for sex offenders. then this would give law enforcement that ability to track the worst of the worst. it also allows for perpetrators to see light at the end of the tunnel with the guaranteed 10 year registration period. the other thing it does is it acknowledges that there are crimes that are worse than most sex offender crimes. if it is a matter of trying to protect your community this is the type of registry that you would want not one that blanket-lee discriminates against against a group of people that already have the lowest re-offense rates of any criminal class. after all our Constitution and our court systems have said that legislation that is aimed at politically unpopular groups is unconstitutional

  2. Kayt
    July 1, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    I started to write about the registry, but I’m thinking that although America has a huge shadow growing across it’s land, I am truly glad that I don’t live in China.

    China has learned new ways of dictatorship that America hasn’t even thought of yet, but sooner or later some politician will take notice and then the American people will wish that they had stopped the destruction before it set anchor right in the middle of their lives.

    Some of us say that this same destruction has hit the brown people, it doesn’t matter what race so long as they are brown. It started with the registry on the internet,


  3. Tim Moore
    July 1, 2018 at 5:12 pm

    I am not convinced registries prevent horrible, frightening deaths of children, no matter how narrowly tailored they are. Why give them any credit? They started out narrowly tailored, and because they didn’t achieve the stated goal (of making people feel tgey have control over crime), they were ramped up to include more people and more restrictions. Those failures in the law are called “loop holes” not failures. That will continue to happen until a true preventative method surfaces that does not involve more punishment. People don’t like not having registries. They like to think the government is always hiding dangerpus people. If we only knew, then we could protect ourselves and loved ones. So politicians obliged and gave them a list. No, it isn’t enough. We want residency restrictions. We want…
    People didn’t like having gay people marry, or black people going to white only schools. People complained when they got rid of the stocks and public hangings. Without these preventative measures life somehow got better. Who knew? Oh well, people hate to admit, they adapt.

  4. Scott
    July 27, 2018 at 4:13 pm

    The only issue i have is, most offenders are lumped into the same category which is absolutely NO GOOD. Who do we blame for ensuing this hatred upon certain individuals who in fact have a desire to change but cannot due to so many restrictions. Do we blame the media and advocates who vow to put every last one in prison?? I myself believe society has been brain washed by certain entities to the point where almost every offender doesn’t have much of a chance to prove themselves.

    Having a sex offender registry is no more helpful than having a cage in a public square as they did many many years ago where criminals could be vulnerable to just about anything from name calling to having things thrown at them. The only difference is it is much worse with the new age and technology and gangs.

    Has anyone heard of the immigration facilities where children were abused by staff?? If you look under it is Titled, Immigrant Youth Shelters: “If you are a Predator, its a Gold Mine”. You will see the article and just how much difference their is compared to the ones who were caught to the ones who were not. Especially those who are appointed by the government agencies.

    Where do we look for the ones who haven’t been caught and why is it that those who are already registered have to pay for someone else s poor decisions?? Nobody is safe anywhere this day is age.

    we certainly are in the perilous times and it will only get worse before Jesus comes. Hopefully we all can endure all that is thrown at us before we end up on the day of judgement. Being held accountable is one thing, but being made vulnerable from our mistakes due to a registry is much more like judgement day is already here with the hatred that comes with it. You all served your time and that’s all that matters. No sin is greater than the blood of Jesus.

    Trust, But only at an arms length until you know truly who that person really is.

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