2018 National Women Against Registry Conference

Empowerment & Momentum – A March to Victory



ATTENTION to Procrastinators & Last-Minute Shoppers and Those Who Work Best Under the Pressure of a Deadline

If You ARE Already Registered There is Something Here for You Too!

This Note is for Everyone!!!


The 2018 National Women Against Registry Conference is Upon Us. Many of you, from all four corners of the nation, have already registered. We are receiving emails from those excited and anticipating the powerful line-up of speakers and breakout sessions. The directors have worked diligently for many months and are confident it will be a valuable learning experience as well as a great time. It is the ‘people’s conference’ and to that end we want to say if you are interested but anxious about going in to a place you are not familiar with and to a conference where you don’t know anybody, rest assured, we have that covered. We will provide you with a cell number…. it’s Vicki’s but don’t tell her we will be giving it out. You can call when you arrive and one of our volunteer greeters will meet you at the front door, get you checked in and introduced to others.

To enhance your experience and avoid any problems or unnecessary anxiety,

We suggest that you carefully read the following information:

    Registered Citizens are required by Missouri Statutes, to register when staying in the state for more than 7 nights in a 12-month period.

    For your protection and for ours, we strongly suggest that Registered Citizens who are on Parole or Probation, obtain travel orders from the proper authority.

    Registered Citizens should check with their home county to determine if there are any additional requirements from them.

COME ONE, COME ALL…and plan to stay for the Launch of our 2019 Conference and introduction of team members.

The complete 2018 Conference schedule is included on our website.



Women Against Registry 2nd Annual National Conference

August 17- 19 2018 in St. Louis MO

WAR National Directors

Women Against Registry

Second Annual Conference

August 17 – 1 PM through August – 19 12 PM  2018

 Empowerment & Momentum ~ A March to Victory

Friday, August 17, 2018

Welcome by Master of Ceremonies – Jonathan Grund

Featured Presentation

Missouri Attorney Mike George

Keeney v. Fitch, 458 S.W.3d 838 (2015) Win & Sex Offender Litigation

Breakout Session A:

Room A – Civil Commitment Group ‘A Just Future’ Strategy Session

Room B – Question and Answer Session on Sex Offense Litigation

Room C – L-RIDD Group Strategy and Sharing Session (registrant families with autistic or intellectually disabled registered citizen)

Featured Speaker

California Attorney Janice Bellucci – Registration Is Punishment:
How and Why U.S. Supreme Court Got It Wrong

Happy Hour

 Saturday, August 18, 2018

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Lisa Sample – University of Nebraska – Omaha

Identity and the Consequences of Living Under Sex Offense Laws for Children of Registered Citizens

 Feature Speaker – University of Illinois Professor

 Laurie Jo Reynolds 

Reframing Our Message

Featured Speaker

Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson

Pathways to Empowerment

Featured Speaker via Skype

Colorado Attorney Alison Ruttenberg

MILLARD et al., v. Rankin 13-cv-02406-RPM

Breakout Session B:

Room A – Missouri Attorney Matt Fry – What Does Missouri SB 655 Mean to You

Room B – Mitchell Hamline SOLP Fellow Guy Hamilton-Smith – Turning Adversity into Advantage

Room C – Dr. Dean Rosen – Breaking Out of the Cocoon – Becoming a Reluctant Activist


(Attorney – Minister – Therapist – Re-Entry Researcher) 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Restorative Justice Podcast

with Dr. Alissa Ackerman-Acklin – California State University

Followed by Discussion Facilitated by Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson

Breakout Sessions C:

Room A – How Do I Tell My Story – Attorney Janice Bellucci & Mitchell Hamline SOLP Fellow Guy Hamilton-Smith

Room B – Ready…Set…Go – to – Testify – University of Illinois Professor Laurie Jo Reynolds

Room C – Dr. Dean Rosen – Breaking Out of the Cocoon – Becoming a Reluctant Activist

Words from the President of WAR
Followed by Q & A Session

Introduction of 2019 D.C. Conference Team

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