Another look at ” Are GPS ankle bracelets harming people that are forced to wear them?

The base of this article was posted in November of 2013 here on SOSEN, since then new information has come to light and we have added it to the end of the article.

Here is a simple question that may have long-term effects and may bring about lawsuits costing the state governments billions of dollars for their total disregard of human safety.

The question is, quite simply, is the forced use of GPS ankle bracelets that transmit information over cell phone frequencies causing damage to the people that are forced to wear them and did the manufacturers of these devices include FCC warning tags that were disregarded by the people placing these on the people who are required to wear them?

Realize that some countries have gone so far as to ban the use of cell phones around pregnant mothers, and may not be used anywhere close to a child.

Cell Phone Radiation Lawsuits:
Bernstein Liebhard LLP Notes new study finding
cell phone radiation may cause brain tissue damage.

In a press release issued March of this year, Bernstein Liebhard LLP, a nationwide law firm representing clients in cell phone radiation lawsuits, notes that a new study has found that radiation from cell phones may cause damage to brain tissue.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, researchers with Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority found that one hour of cell phone radiation can cause cells in blood vessel walls to shrink, allowing potentially harmful substances in the blood to ‘leak’ into the brain. The two-year study also found that repeated exposure to cell phone radiation could make the blood-brain barrier more permeable, leading to increased brain damage. “Repeated occurrences of these events on a daily basis, over a long period of time, could become a health hazard due to possible accumulation of brain tissue damage,” the study authors concluded.*

This research is just further evidence that exposure to cell phone radiation can affect the brain in harmful ways. We agree with the study authors that more research on this issue is urgently needed”, says Bernstein Liebhard LLP. The Firm is currently investigating the link between cell phones and brain cancer, and is part of a small consortium of law firms actively representing plaintiffs in cell phone radiation lawsuits.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently submitted a proposal to reevaluate cell phone radiation emission standards, something it has not done since 1996. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) has criticized the current standards as being outdated, compared to those of international regulatory agencies, and for failing to reflect the most recent research on cell phone radiation.

Remember that classic “this is your brain on drugs” commercial, with the egg frying in a pan? If you soon see a “this is your brain on cell phones” clip, don’t say we didn’t warn you: cell phone radiation may be slowly sautéing your noodle finds new research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Using a first-of-its-kind technique for measuring electromagnetic radiation researchers found the radio frequency field generated by your cell phone causes brain tissue to heat up. This proves your brain is absorbing radiation from your cell, study author David Gultekin, Ph.D., a researcher at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, tells

While Gultekin and his colleagues can’t say exactly how much cell phone radiation exposure is safe, the World Health Organization has classified radio frequency fields as possibly carcinogenic, meaning exposure may put you at greater risk for brain cancer, the study explains.

This is not the first study indicating cell phones could eventually cause serious health problems. Check out our 2010 report: Is Your Life on the Line? However, in the game of Russian roulette you may be playing by surrounding yourself with cellular devices, this is one more bullet, Devra Lee Davis Ph.D., founder of the Environmental Health Trust, tells

Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Up-Regulates Apoptosis Genes in Primary Cultures of Neurons and Astrocytes (

“The health effects of cell phone radiation exposure are a growing public concern. This study investigated whether expression of genes related to cell death pathways are dysregulated in primary cultured neurons and astrocytes by exposure to a working GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) cell phone rated at a frequency of 1900 MHz.” –

“Headache has been reported among cell phone users compared to non-users [7]. When rats were exposed to RF/MW radiation to reproduce normal human exposure, the life span and tumorigenicity of rats were unchanged [1, 21] but evidence of oxidative damage was found in brain tissues [19, 29]. RF/MW radiation induced damage can lead to death in single cell organisms [3], inhibit cell proliferation [9], cause DNA damage [11, 32], and alter gene expression in different cell types including brain cells as measured by gene microarrays [6, 14, 15]. “

For more information, try these links:

Updated Info: Aug 1 2016

The courts have the knowledge that shaming is a form of punishment as defined by the Court cases of People v. Meyer and People v. Lowe, 606 N.E.2d. People v. Molz, 113 N.E.2d, People v. Johnson 528 N.E.2d, State v. Burdin 924 S.W.2d ,People v. Letterlough 655 N.E.2d, Lindsay v. State 606 So. 2D..

One of the unintended consequences of placing GPS on people is the demoralizing effect that it has on them and how they can go into a emotional and mental down spiral because of having to explain why they have something strapped to their ankle.

“Eighty-nine percent of probation officers surveyed by the Justice Department felt that “offenders’ relationships with their significant others changed because of being monitored.” Both officers and those monitored observed that the ankle band had a distinct impact on children. As one parent testified, “When it beeps, the kids worry about whether the probation officer is coming to take me to jail. The kids run for it when it beeps.” Another noted that his child repeatedly strapped a watch around his ankle “to be like Daddy.””

So beyond the health risks there is also a risk to mental health of people that are subjected to the unconstitutional invasion into their privacy, our Supreme Court has said that placing a GPS on a person or their property is in fact a violation of constitutional standards.  At the present time one of the ways that the Parole and Probation department is getting away with this as they are forcing a person to sign a waiver. If they don’t sign the waiver they will be imprisoned, so they are forcing someone to give up a constitutional right the right to privacy by coercion. The fact is this opens up parole and probation not only to civil rights constitutional tort lawsuits under USC 1983. There is also the possible federal charges being placed against them as individuals under title 18 of the United States codes.

Since this article was originally posted in November of 2013 new information has come out about the detrimental effects of having cell phone radiation. Remember unlike cell phone radiation that someone gets from picking up and using their cell phone for a couple hours a day we are talking about a device that transmits cell phone radiation 24 hours a day seven days a week, so the short and long-term effects may well be a thousandfold more than someone who has a cell phone and uses it. According to the latest research a person is three fold more likely to end up with a brain tumor if they use their cell phone more than 900 hours within their lifetime that means they would reach that 900 hours using their cell phone for 2 1/2 hours a day within one year or in the case of an ankle monitor that is on 24 hours a day, seven days a week they would reach that 900 hours within 38 days of having it strapped on. Obviously having a strap to your ankle you’re not looking at brain tumors but in the case of having strapped to your ankle there is a high possibility for skin cancer as well as bone cancer, not to mention the fact that cell phone radiations have been proven to restrict blood flow. Take a look at the articles below that not only look at the danger of cell phone radiation but the effectiveness, reliability and psychological damage to people that have had these things strapped to their ankles.

There is also the old comment of follow the money, take a look at how much money is spent on lobbying our governmental officials as well as campaign contributions that has been done by owners and board members of companies that manufacture these devices, not to mention the other organizations that the same people sat on the boards of directors of who are also doing lobbying and contributing to politicians.

Update Aug 29 2018


6 comments for “Another look at ” Are GPS ankle bracelets harming people that are forced to wear them?

  1. Timothy
    September 2, 2018 at 8:02 am

    Indeed when men first decided it appropriate to make man subservient to machine a database man extinguished humanity itself, IN favor of machine. We can thank our Democratic and Republican leadership, and especially Mr. J.J. Roberts for the ultimate outcomes from such a perverse position.

  2. Timothy DA Lawver
    September 2, 2018 at 9:39 am

    Will, @ Anyone!
    I believe a petition to remove J.J.Roberts from his position as Chief Justice is in order. I posted a draft on NARSOL under an article titled ‘Sex offenders should be shot.’ I’m wondering what you thought of the idea?

    Truth is most folks DON’T EVEN KNOW who Roberts is! Hence they have zero clue that he was the first man to argue supporting law forcing free men subservient to state’s machine via SOR. The GPS tracking is an extension of the same notion.
    Machine Need > Human need =Null!

    Will ,
    a database can do many things BUT NO DATABASE CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE ACCURATELY! This is the lie the people bought hook, line and sinker. The people are so enamored with, or infatuated with the devices they drive right into a wreck!

    The database and the sex offender are inextricably linked forever in time. Mr. Roberts can look forward to the deed being far more than mere footnote in a history book. His ‘ deed a whole chapter! I’m looking to put a team together the expose the grave error in an FTR case……..U in??? I have written a letter to pass to Mr. Hamilton Smith addressed to Ms. Henry. I may not attend the conference or I’d face face.

  3. Gini
    September 4, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    I thought the article, ‘Federal judges butt heads with U.S. lawmakers over legality of ankle monitors for nonviolent suspects’, was also a good article to look at pertaining to ankle bracelets. You can see it at:

    • Timothy DA Lawver
      September 4, 2018 at 6:38 pm

      Can a government constitutionally continuously search the folks? GRADYII!
      GPS monitoring does exactly that continuously searching a man.
      WE would not be here if Smith v Doe would have been deemed punishment. A case can be made for plain indenture, State’s database is a real property, registrants are forced to maintain. The “database” in general was a game changer for those who thrive on surveillance. WAS? the database a game changer for our two party system & plain liberty?
      Darn tooting!
      No way w\out DOE!
      It was always collateralized toward gov USE of the device. Judge’s see that FACT now due to Mr. Kennedy’s admission deemed “loose rhetoric” by the saints. Ex post laws need no foresight as THEY ARE ON THEIR FACE!

  4. Kayt
    September 5, 2018 at 10:03 am

    If we have phones, we’re all GPS monitored if the police want to find us and much more; there are very interesting ways that a phone can be monitored and manipulated from a distance. That’s one of the things Snowden pointed out when he had interviews a few years ago. He wouldn’t even talk to people privately with a phone in the room even if it didn’t have a battery. But then, like him – we could leave our phones at home and that leaves GPS and other tracking systems.

    As we all know, the use of GPS is nothing more than an extension of prison and an ideal way to punish and to create fear, it also robs a person of their self-worth. All of the motives for using ankle bracelet GPS systems are intentional and cruel, but things are not going to change until we are in a different world and I’m not sure that the “different world” will be better.

    If we are to believe what we’re hearing that technology is aiming to do, monitoring will become worse unless people begin to realize the way this world is headed and stop the progression of personal monitoring, but I believe that the majority won’t see how it will affect them until it hits them personally in a very damaging way and then it’s too late. Those of us who do see it are already marginalized.

    • Timothy Lawver
      September 6, 2018 at 11:55 am

      The sex offender is the tool the surveillance saints have utilized to alter public opinion of government spying.

      The DOEs were about authorization of gov USE of the facilities near Saratoga springs Utah. The people swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

      My letter to W.A.R. got returned to me today, marked undeliverable.

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