In Ohio over 21,500 Families were Damaged by the Registry

there are two studies that actually looked at people on the registry. One was the Nebraska sex offender registry study in July of 2013 . They found a average one-year re-conviction rate of 6/10 of one percent and the other one was done in Ohio with their average one-year re-conviction rate of 1/10 of one percent and that information is listed below.

The focus Should not be on the re-conviction rate. Even though this is a important point. The focus should be on damage to the families by the registry and public notification. And quite obviously  the registry didn’t save any children, because there were re-offenses . And the fact that of the NEW sex crimes. 99.97% were done by people not on the registry. That is right 99.97% of the new sex crimes in Ohio in that 10 year period were done by people NOT on the registry.

I’ve attached the graph and information about the study below. Over the length of the study, which was 10 years. the comparison is done for the TOTAL, and it is done the way it should be done statistically. If you want to add up all the offenders that did reoffend for a total number, then you have to add up all the offenders that did not reoffend for a total. You will see when comparing the people that did not reoffend with the ones that DID reoffend that the re-offense rate was 1/100 of 1% and the people that did Not  reoffend is 99.99% , but the idea behind this picture is not to show the re-conviction rate.

Each one of those BBs represents a person and each of those people probably have a child not to mention a spouse, parents, siblings and other relatives as well as friends and employers . That means that there are 21,511 families with children that have been damaged by the laws that are based on a Assumption of a high reoffending rate. That turns out to be less than 1/100 of 1% . So in fact the laws did not save a single child, because the registered citizens that went ahead and committed these new crimes did it with all the restrictions on them. But the sad fact is, these laws have damaged the 21,511 children and families. and this damage was done to these children, and families in violation of their constitutional rights. That is the way that this should be presented in my mind.

Note: Re-offenses in one year. There are more RSO registered than shown above. This data is only for the last ten years (2000-2010). Ohio has been had the registry since 1996. The extra four to five years. There is nearly an additional 5000 RSOs who have been on the registry from 10 to 15 years. They only add about 1 re-offense a year at the most. The re-offense rates for each year after released is based form the information found in ODRC Ten-Year Recidivism Follow-Up Of 1989 Sex Offenders Releases ; By Paul Konicek Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, Office of Policy, Bureau of Planning and Evaluation;

I will summarize the table first year the re-offense rate was 2/10 of one percent. The second year, 3/10 of one percent. The third year, 1/10 of 1% the fourth year 6/100 of one percent. The 5 year 6/100 of one percent. The 6 year 5/100 of one percent. The seventh year 7/100 of one percent. The eighth year 5/100 of 1%. The nine the year 1/100 of 1% and the 10th year 4/1000 of 1% for a total re-offense rate over the ten-year period of 1/1000 of 1% when comparing those that did not reoffend with those that did


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  1. Tim
    September 21, 2019 at 4:36 am

    Good piece but no comparison between, before and after the Wetterling act. ALL low recidivism #s AFTER Wetterling and the promulgation of the act suggests the regime works effectively. Proponents of SOR will use these reported low rates in their favor.

    To truly appreciate the basic ineffectiveness of SOR Pre- act #s MUST be compared to post act numbers. In there lie another rub. That comparative analysis is difficult however as what constitutes ” actual sexual recidivism” greatly depends on ‘ what counts”. BJS are always altering conditions for measurement. It all depends on what constitutes an attack. CP downloaders are technically not those guilty of attack.

    IMO, this boondoggle has always been about all potential uses of gov sanctioned database. The sex offender a scale goat for domestic surveillance saints and Byrne Grant crowd, LEO etc. The choice to indenture humans to database machine is an extraordinary and extreme humans disposition. One making human subservient to machine upkeep. H<M. Registered persons privacy is overrun by database machine for life. How that information stored on the database is used is another substantive concern. Liberty is at stake, yet it was so easy for the big data freaks to advance their agenda via the sex offender making big data the good guys with benevolent undertones. Only now more and more citizens are understanding the threat the databases ARE.

    These folks are finding themselves under collateral attack by Amazon's ( Bezos) iteration of the database
    Infrastructure. Just as for registrants the wallet is under threat. Main street applauded SOR but now the data tide has turned on them too. Here in WI, Shopko( and many other brick & mortar outfits) has fallen to the Besos' cyber sword as evidenced by bankruptcy filings this year.

  2. Thomas Darby
    September 21, 2019 at 11:04 am

    I was trying to figure out what those containers of white stuff were. It’s a poor use of a comparison, because it looks like Elmer’s glue or some granular drug or something. The BB’s I use are copper, not white, and come in a tube with a cap, so that picture confused me. Your stats are spot-on, just the picture is confusing.

    • Will Bassler
      September 21, 2019 at 12:23 pm

      Air Soft BBs

  3. kayt
    September 22, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    I can’t say enough about how absolutely terrible it is to think of 21,500 families multiplied by the number of family members and then approximate those numbers by 50, the number of states that we have in the union. Then to know this number increases every day and multiplies year by year, it doesn’t add to my sense of well being.

  4. MARK S
    September 23, 2019 at 3:44 am

    Really? Who is listening to these sex offender statistics? Are the several states? Is Congress? And even if so, where are ameliorative laws? Where are repeals? Is Ohio now going to alter their huge money machine or other states for the sake of sexual offenders? Follow the money please because at this stage of the government’s game it is about the cash.
    In order to protect federal funds flowing into the State coffers, the state legislatures has continually amended their s.o. registries to add ever-increasing onerous registration rules and requirements, resulting “in its modern, maximally invasive, maximally pervasive, and infinitely more public incarnation.” One has to question whether the Congressional and state legislative intent for SORNA (Adam Walsh Act and its state progenies), to function as a civil, regulatory scheme — detected in 1996 has eroded, morphing into a punishment-for-pay scenario.
    But regardless of intent, the punitive effect of the legislation is crystal clear. It continues to negate any civil, regulatory intent that one might deign to ascribe to the legislature, so that any new amendments to the federal SORNA and its progenies cannot, and should not be constitutionally applied retroactively. I stand by my view that currently federal SORNA has in substance and effect – its state progenies is punitive in effect for purposes of applying the Ex Post Facto Clause.
    21,511 families, not to mention the vast number from across America and its territories. Really? Are the states and Congress really listening????

  5. Scott
    September 23, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    I could never understand why we have a sex offender registry anyway. Nobody is Safe. Sometimes I would like to think these law makers/homewreckers of families think they are open for business and give them free advertisement. Too many people like to meddle in other peoples business. Sorry folks, but the Jesus i know died for every sin not just certain few. You can choose to learn from your mistakes or pay the consequences. Parents this day and age are careless and have no idea what raising children really is about. Don’t blame the system or fan the flames of someone else’s wrong just because you want to let your children run loose and free and not care where they and what they are doing. It isn’t just Sex offenders, we still have child trafficking and abductions happening in this country and around the world. I would be worried more about the one’s who “haven’t” been caught.

    September 25, 2019 at 9:21 am

    Then those 21,000 people need to SUE!!

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