Things everyone can be doing to help the ARM during the Covid-19 lockdown

Just about every state has some kind of lockdown order in place (I’m in one of the few holdout states for now), but in many places, registrants are still having to go in person to register.

I have been maintaining a list of official police announcements at

I need everyone’s help to compile the info on this list. I need official press releases, media reports or even social media posts from police agencies, whether they are continuing to register normally, made any modification to the registration event, or suspended registration. At this point, I have just over 100 official reports covering around 30 states. Of the 109 I have so far, 49 have made NO concessions, 32 require call-ins first, 19 are doing registrations by phone/ email, and 9 have suspended registration.

Since most of us are just sitting at home, there are a number of things we could be doing. There are four different active surveys including one from me, so if you haven’t taken any of these surveys and you qualify for them, please take them.

SURVEY FOR VETERANS WITH SEX OFFENSE CONVICTIONS: This is an important survey conducted by trusted allies of this movement. Should you have any further questions or comments, or if you are willing to take this important survey, then feel free to contact Emily Horowitz at or 718-489-5446, or Shawn Rolfe at You may also direct any questions about the confidentiality of this study to Dr. Laura Egan, Chair, St. Francis College Institutional Review Board, at

Impact of the SO Registry Study: conducted by researchers at the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, Ceres Policy Research, UCLA School of Law, and the University of Miami School of Law. The goals of this study are: 1. Describe demographics including racial and ethnic groups, gender, socioeconomic status, and LGBTQ+ people on registries. 2. Describe the pathways leading people to registration. 3. Describe the collateral consequences of registration and notification. If you are on the registry, age 18+, and live in the US, you are eligible to participate in this study. Study Link –

Plea Bargain Impact on Registered Persons: This study looks at the long term and short-term impacts of plea deals for sexual offenses. Plea deals can be coercive in nature, innocent individuals sometimes plead guilty, and people who accept plea deals are not always aware of the negative consequences for their life. This study seeks to understand the factors that make a person more or less inclined to accept plea deals. This study also examines the negative consequences faced by someone convicted of a sexual offense after being placed on the registry. The study includes a 5 minute survey AND a 45 to 90 minute interview. If you are interested in participating in an interview, please call Dr. Lisa Anne Zilney at 732-221-2241 (EST) or email at

OnceFallen is also conducting a short survey about Registrants and US Census Participation. Survey Link –

Finally, if you have not seen my action alert about the Colbert County AL proposal to place severe hurdles to opening transitional programs for registered persons, then there is still time during the shutdown to send in emails and letters challenging the countywide proposal. Read the following link for the info about this proposal — /blog/2020/03/16/action-alert-flood-the-colbert-co-al-commission-with-emails-and-phone-calls.html


Derek W. Logue of
Registered Citizen/ Civil Rights Advocate

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