To the little Hero, THANK YOU

Never in my life as a truck driver have I ever felt the level of respect I have received in the last month. Families on overpasses with “THANK YOU TRUCKERS” signs waving and “air-honking” us! It brightens my day each time I pull the air horn cord (and NOT out of exasperation.. .lol) Thank you to all of our well-wishers!

Yesterday, my friend, Andrew and I took a trip to Delaware, Ohio to visit the Woodland Cigar Company to buy cigars, pipe tobacco, and to support a small business owner who is struggling right now. The owner sat down with us in one of several beautiful old-fashioned smoking lounges and sitting across the vast room, we smoked and discussed the epidemic and how it has negatively impacted business, family, and finance. The ‘little” guys are hurting and struggling. There is no doubt about it. As we talked, the owner of Restoration Brewing Company came over to buy a cigar and to leave a carry out menu and a growler of his specialty dark beer. Andrew and I ordered sandwiches and a growler to take home and we headed back home to Mt.Vernon. On the way, we discussed the “little” heroes and their impact.

We often don’t see the little people but they’re always there. Little people like the waiters and waitresses. The short order cook. The cashier at the grocery store. The stock boy at Wal-Mart. We see the doctors and the nurses, but do we think about the orderlies who clean the hospital or the food porters? The sanitation technician who hauls your garbage. The pizza delivery guy. The mail carriers, the UPS guy, the Fed-Ex clerk??? We see the policeman but do we think about the corrections officer at the county jail? How about the paramedic?

All of these people put their health, their financial well-being, and their lives on the line behind the scenes. Their positions in the world make them vulnerable to the very virus they are fighting against to keep us fed, healthy, and safe.

The little people were a topic we discussed as we unwrapped our burgers and opened the growler of that sweet dark beer. To the little hero, THANK YOU.

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