Omaha Nebraska Man Murdered for being on the Registry.

Information from  Vicki Henry – President Women Against Registry

Hello all,

Many of you are aware that there was a vigilante killing in Omaha, Nebraska this past weekend, and the murderer turned himself into the police last night.

The Omaha media, particularly the World-Herald, has all but canonized the murderer, making him a sympathetic character, while the registrant he killed was not a sympathetic character. This has led to an outpouring of support for the murderer.


But, no matter the backstory between the two individuals, the fact remains that this was an act of pre-meditated murder by someone who used registry information as a weapon to murder a registered citizen. This was not self-defense, but a cold, calculated killing.

The murderer is behind bars right now, but for how long, I don’t know.

There is a Facebook group, the same group that was stalking the registrant for years, has repackaged itself today as “Free James Fairbanks” in honor of the man they had a role in murdering (the killer has been connected with this Facebook page). Facebook has a long history of discrimination against registrants. Last year, Facebook was caught allowing threats against those accused or convicted of sex offenses.


There have also been GoFundMe pages popping up to raise money for this killer.

After spending all day with this news, I’ve settled on some ideas on how you, particularly those of you in larger, more influential groups than OnceFallen, may address this issue:

1. Contact the Douglas County County Attorney’s office and request they deny bail to Fairbanks. Ask he be prosecuted for a hate crime. The vigilante group is raising funds now for this killer’s legal defense so if he gets bail, he could be free. Here’s a contact form:…

2. Report the vigilante group “Free James Fairbanks” to Facebook as a hate group. They whitewashed some threatening statements but this is the group connected to the killer:

3. Report this Petition. There is a “Report a policy violation” option but it is part of the way down the page, below petition updates.…

4. Contact GoFundMe and demand they reject ALL vigilante petitions for funds that reward criminal behavior. At last count, there were 5 separate fundraisers for James Fairbanks:

5. I’d contact the Nebraskans Unafraid Group to see if you can help them in any way. This is a good time to attack the Nebraska registry:

I have found the local Omaha World-Herald to be a less than neutral source. They are, in my opinion, very slanted in painting James Fairbanks as a sympathetic figure and seemingly promoting the vigilante group and the fundraisers.

This is a very good time to make the Nebraska legislature aware of the dangers the public registry creates. This is not the first time there was a murder in Nebraska and it won’t be the last.

Derek Logue

Registered Citizen/ Civil Rights Advocate


Authorities say James Fairbanks wrote an email claiming responsibility for the slaying. The email writer claimed to have shot Mattieo Condoluci after learning that he was listed on Nebraska’s sex

Ex-wife: Omaha man arrested in killing of registered sex offender fearful man would offend again

Thank you Derek for allowing us to use your well written summation of the murder in Nebraska. 

WAR Interviewed

During the Zoom interview with the journalist yesterday I shared the conversation I had with the Omaha Highway Patrol Lieutenant who said there was nothing they could do as it was their first amendment right to say what they want. I asked him if their state had a warning on their site concerning actions directed at registered citizens and stated we took on a project a couple of years back where a volunteer and director went to all of the state registry sites and made note of the nineteen that didn’t then we issued a letter to those states asking that they put up a warning. Some took action and Florida said, no thanks!’ The lieutenant actually read their statement to me and I paused. He knew why.

I also shared with the Omaha journalist the Charles and Gretchen Parker murders in South Carolina and their intent to murder those on the list in their possession. I followed up by sending him a copy of the vigilante mindset in that case.

I also referred him to the debate between Professors Emily Horowitz and Marci Hamilton regarding the registry which can be viewed on the landing page of our website.

Now for Our Call to Action

The Unfortunate Perfect Storm

The current situation in the state of Nebraska, the proud lawless vigilante and his clueless supporters have, by no deliberate action of their own unfortunately created the perfect storm.  How is that? It has become abundantly clear that we, the families of those required to register, are called to ask Congress to add vigilante actions on registered citizens and families as hate crimes. How is that doable?  Our Call to Action, which involves all who are reading this and have personally or had their family or friends attacked by a vigilante or family member of a vigilante. That includes; physically attacked, threatened in any manner (including a firearm, tire iron, bat, damage to home, vehicles, mail box, pets, job loss due to vigilante contacting employer or business destroyed. Please submit only true events to and our volunteers will review, ask any questions for clarity and assign a number which will eventually be the identifying factor for each submission in lieu of the name.

It is our goal to collect these instances of harassment, threats and harmful actions and take them to a few members of Congress citing their position of a need for the registration of citizens by delegating to the U.S. Attorney General the task of implementing the Adam Walsh Act and asking that they propose and pass a law adding these such actions we are presenting to them as  FEDERAL HATE CRIMES.

We will begin collecting these submissions between now and July 1, 2020. To reiterate they will see numbers not names. 

WAR National DIrectors


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