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A Holiday Wish for You

We received this from a member and felt compelled to pass it on.




I’ve been thinking for the last few days about how to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season while keeping in mind that not all of us enjoy the holidays – especially when restrictions (and jail/prison) keep some people from their friends and family. Then I received an email from someone and thought I would pass it along . . .

I’ve read that research shows that for many people, this is the most dismal time of year. And yet our society incessantly promotes the notion that we are all supposed to be happy now, which of course makes it worse for those of us who are not.

It occurs to me that if there is any group that ought to know that not everyone has loving family and friends to sit around a cozy fire with, this may be that group. So I’d like to offer a holiday greeting from a different perspective.

To all those who feel sad and lonely, who feel rejected by society, who feel unloved and unwanted, who feel angry at the world for being such a beautiful place filled with so much wanton nastiness, who feel afraid of the dark ages we seem to be falling into, or who can’t wait for the dark ages to descend in earnest in order to do away with the governmental and cultural structures that oppress them:

May you know that you are not alone.

May you have the courage to stand tall and proud of the wonderful person that you are and know that you don’t deserve the crap that is handed out to you.

May you know, while it can be a good idea in many circumstances to “make the best of it” and to “look for the silver lining” and that some people are complainers whose suffering is their own fault and for whom everything could be better if only they had a more positive attitude, that that is not true of everyone. If it not true of you, may you have the strength and the courage to tell the positive-thinking proponents that their theories do not apply to you.

May you know that you deserve love and peace in your life, and may you enjoy that which you do have, as well as any memories of times in your life that you had more.

May you have the strength to feel grateful for the blessings that you do have.

May you find an opportunity to bring some joy to someone else today, and may you enjoy a warm feeling in your soul from watching a smile come over their face when you do.

May you find someone to hug soon.

May these damned “holidays,” that seem to make you feel inadequate because you do not feel cheerful, soon be over.

Joseph Was a Sex Offender

The case is not uncommon, a man is accused of attempted rape. The facts in the case seem to point to his guilt. Looking at the man

Rebuttal to “Get SMART: Complying with Federal Sex Offender Registration Standards”?

Each year heinous crimes are committed against children and women. A small percentage are committed by repeat offenders, whereas according to the DOJ about 95% of new sex crimes are committed by persons who have never been convicted of a previous sex crime. The question at hand is whether a national registration scheme could prevent heinous crimes like the Foxwell incident or any other crime.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ):[SORNA] provides a comprehensive set of minimum standards for sex offender registration and notification in the United States. SORNA aims to close potential gaps and loopholes that existed under prior law and generally strengthens the nationwide network of sex offender registration and notification programs.”

While this quote is profound, is it based on a lie? The public has been led to believe that 100,000 sex offenders are AWOL. But if you’ve been following the nationwide sweeps that the Federal Marshals service has been making you already know that that number has been blown way out of proportion. The second part of the lie was exposed above in stating that 95% of new sex crimes are committed by people not on the registry.

Then there is a profound question that legislators need to think about before implementing the AWA. That question is, “Is it legal”? After Ohio implemented the AWA a fire storm of legal challenges led that state to lose millions of dollars fighting on the wrong side of the law. In the end the Ohio Justices ruled in two separate cases, (Bodike) and (State v. Williams) that the AWA violated separation of powers and that it is punitive. Will other states rule this way? Time will tell. But the larger question is will SCOTUS rule the same as the Ohio supreme court? If they in time do rule the same way then it will prove that legislators were working in opposition to the founding principles of the United States.