Sex offenders are more likely to reoffend than other criminals.

Myth 8: Sex offenders are more likely to reoffend than other criminals. by Radley Balko

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There’s no set of crimes more plagued by misconceptions and hysteria than sex crimes. In some cities, laws restricting where convicted sex offenders can live once they’re released have become so restrictive, they’re forced to live under bridges or in patches of woods.

Learning From History Part 1

“Germany, May 15, 1871 – First Version of Paragraph 175 – Unnatural fornication, whether between persons of the male sex or of humans with beasts, is to be punished by imprisonment; a sentence of loss of civil rights may also be passed.”
What was the outcome of this law that was passed so long ago?

When Hitler came to power he “broadened the law so that the courts could pursue any “lewd act” whatsoever, even one involving no physical contact… leading to the possibility of punishment for acts as mild as kissing…. Convictions multiplied by a factor of ten to about 8,000 per year…. Furthermore, the Gestapo could transport suspected offenders to concentration camps without any legal justification at all (even if they had been acquitted or already served their sentence in jail)….Thus, between 5,000 and 15,000 sex offenders were forced into concentration camps, where they were identified by the pink triangle. The majority of them died there. In contradistinction to normal police, the Gestapo were authorized to take sex offenders into preventive detention.”

Today in the U.S. we face similar circumstances. True, some refuse to see the similarities between the modern U.S. and Nazi Germany, nonetheless they are there.


Call to Action : OH Legislature Going at it Again

Ohio Legislators are going at it again. Just six months after having been soundly defeated in the June 2010 Bodyke vs. Ohio Supreme Court ruling, seven Ohio House Representative s have proposed new legislation to retroactively revise Ohio’s sex offender laws to re-capture all offenders who committed crimes before 2008 onto the rolls of the sex offender registry.

Those concerned about this proposed legislation must contact the seven Representative s immediately to express their opposition to this bill. If we are forced to do so, Constitutional Fights will return to the battlefield to help defeat this latest attempt by the Ohio Legislature to violate the constitutional rights of 30,000 Ohio citizens.

The newly proposed bill, House Bill 77 of the 129th General Assembly would amend and repeal parts of the existing Ohio sex offender statutes to:

“clarify that SORN Law definitions of sexually oriented offenses, child-victim oriented offenses, tier classification s, public registry-qualified juvenile offender registrants, and related terms include the specified offenses regardless of when they were committed and to provide for court reclassificati on of offenders and delinquent children who committed their sexually oriented offense or child-victim oriented offense prior to January 1, 2008, and had SORN Law duties based on that offense into one of the tier classification s of the current SORN Law.

View proposed HB 77.

Bill Sponsors:

Hackett Garland Blessing Combs Grossman Hottinger Patmon








We seek legal professionals who are willing to engage in a lawsuit against the State of Ohio should this legislation be put into law. We also still seek legal professionals who are willing to engage in a lawsuit against the State of Ohio regarding the Bodyke Supreme Court ruling of June 2010 for damages of those 30,000 former offenders who were maintained on the sex offender registry 2-1/2 years after they should legally have been removed.

We must collectively hit these legislators squarely in the “front teeth” this time to assure that we do not experience what we experienced between 2008 and 2010.