A Readers Thoughts

I have some thoughts on how the U. S. government has performed in past years. Thoughts on how Bills were pushed through Congress, for Presidential signature and passage into law, in inappropriate ways to meet the agendas of the President, individual members of Congress and/or special interests. Thoughts on how these measures were used to subvert our Representative form of Democracy, and subvert the Constitution, causing grave damage to our way of life. Also, these Laws are very costly, based on bad data and, though they look good for those who voted for them, totally useless.
Generally, each Bill that was passed by Congress in past years under the following circumstances should be reviewed for value and efficacy. A cost benefit analysis should be performed on each of them. Supporting data for these laws must be reviewed for current value and replication. A few of the circumstances involved are;

Our country is going crazy.

One college is now considering an outright ban on enrolling students who are on the sex offender registry. Why? Because “it would be in the best interest of children on campus.”

Now, if Lake Michigan College were to look more closely at the THREE students it discovered currently enrolled there, I am willing to bet that none of them pose any actual risk to minors. Based purely on statistics, most persons on the registry now did not commit any actual violence against a child (some of their offences didn’t involve children at all).

If this college would take the time to actually interview each of the students to learn from them what they pleaded guilty to, they may be surprised. One, perhaps, might have gone streaking across the football field on a dare. One, quite possibly, got caught in a consensual relationship with an under-age girlfriend or boyfriend. And it is also highly likely that one accidentally had child porn on his/her computer. This is based, as before, on statistics.

Are YOU a Sex Offender? Watch Out!

In response to the tragic death of Sarah Foxworthy in December 2009, Maryland legislators have introduced tons of bills (53 at last count, across house and senate) aimed at getting tough on sex offenders. Not all of them will be passed, of course, because there is duplication. But frighteningly, some probably will become law.


What could possibly be scary about any law aimed at protecting our children from predators? Well, maybe if even one of them was proven to WORK…

But I started this piece with a question. Are YOU one of those evil monsters? Let’s take a little quiz. Answer yes or no.

   1. Ever been written up for indecent exposure?
      (includes streaking, public urination, and

Letter to The Editor

An ounce of prevention could have seriously changed what happened in this article http://www.newstimes.com/news/article/DCF-worker-released-on-bond-in-sex-case-369205.php. It appears that a 19 year old former foster child was lured to the home of her 48 year old case worker and raped or an attempt to rape happened. The details about this I did not find to be very clear.
What facts that are clear to me is that this girl was attacked and was placed in a very bad situation. The real question I ask is did a sex offender registry help on this to protect her? Well no it couldn