Legal System out of Balance

When Legislators Fail to Protect the Public and Courts Fail to Protect the Constitution.

Ineffective and counterproductive sex offender laws have swept across the nation.  From the national registry to local residency restrictions, lawmakers have failed to heed the words of experts in the field of sex offender issues. Instead they took a hard line approach that was popular with an uninformed public. In doing so they have not only failed the country but they have also stretched the fabric of the constitution far beyond the point of easy return.

At the same time the courts have given a series of nods to laws that, if they were not aimed at sex offenders, would have been cast aside as ridiculous. These laws have included ex-post-facto elements (additional punishment after the fact), and they also fail the equal protection aspect of the constitution.  Another concern has been the First Amendment. Some courts have found that sex offenders no longer have the same rights to First Amendment protection, while other courts have ruled that the requirement of a sex offender to turn over his internet identifiers does not fall under the First Amendment

The Constitution, and Rule of Law

The Constitution itself is powerless, we are those who give it power.

The constitution, was, indeed, a paper tiger, but it was a paper tiger with a purpose, to rouse the people, and awaken them to the truths inherent within their own existence.

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants Sex Offenders To Wear Tracking Devices

How, exactly, is this supposed to be keeping children safe?

Oklahoma Senator Dan Newberry is trying to get all Tier 2 and Tier 3 registered sex offenders to wear GPS tracking units. He thinks it will actually protect children, and make things easier for law enforcement to catch someone who has abducted a child. He also says that putting GPS units on offenders would eliminate the headache and

An Empirical Study: The Adam Walsh Act and its effects on America

What is the AWA and how does it affect you? 

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act was signed into law by U.S. President George W. Bush on July 27, 2006.

The AWA requires states to adopt a three tier system based on the offence committed.  SORNA is also part of the AWA. SORNA is a national sex offender registry. Under the AWA failure to register and update information is a felony. 

Adam Walsh was murdered in 1981. A serial killer, Ottis Toolie claimed responsibility for Adams death while confessing to 100