Chelsea King Press Release

In the aftermath of the murder of Chelsea King, Legislators backed by the King family are trying to come to grips with the death of this young lady, whose life fell tragically into the hands of a dangerous individual. 
As duly noted in any murder of a child, communities are outraged as this heinous crime takes center stage in a controversial issue regarding sex offender laws and the implementation of such laws to protect our most vulnerable.  In response to the tragic death of a young woman with a promising future, we now are subjected to one more law promising to protect children; this is Chelsea’s Law.
In conjunction with the King family, California Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher of the 75th District has called for a full review of all the laws on the books in order to find the gaping holes in the system which allowed this tragedy to occur.  In recent days, Fletcher appeared on a KPBS program titled “These Days” with Maureen Cavanaugh and a panel of experts to discuss his concerns.  Fletcher stated,