The Injustice System.

Almost any day of the week you can see movies or television shows that depict powerful people getting away with every kind of criminal activity.   But that’s just in the movies… right?

Well it would seem that in Nevada television has been one upped. 

The Facts:

“The 19-year-old son of a Churchill County judge pleaded no contest Tuesday to a charge related to having sex with a severely intoxicated 15-year-old girl at a teen drinking party hosted by a Fallon softball coach”

To anyone in the know, a charge of this kind with a plea agreement will get you some time, probation and you will be on the sex offender registry.

The outcome of this case:

“In his plea, Lister acknowledged the Nevada attorney general’s office had enough evidence to convict him of statutory sexual seduction.  In pleading to the conspiracy charge, he is not required to register as a convicted sex offender.”

Read the complete story here;

Texas State Auditor: Sex Offenders Who Complete Treatment 61% Less Likely to Return to Prison

Recently while conducting research for his Master’s thesis, one SOSEN member found a 2007 report by the Texas State Auditor showing that the state’s sex offenders who complete the prison Sex Offender Treatment Program are 80% LESS LIKELY to return to prison for a new charge.  These rates are 61.6% lower than that of other sex offenders who refused or were not allowed to participate in the program.
The Texas State Auditor report (Report No. 07-026) was released in March 2007 and can be found at  Have you found something interesting?  Email and let us know.

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