Community notification of the Looters of society

This information is going to be a bit hard-core. In a recent blog talk radio show titled Viva La Revolution on Activist Central the narrator put forth the point that the government has made war upon registered citizens, their parents, spouses, siblings and children as well as their employers and friends. As pointed out perhaps we should consider ourselves the resistance fighters in that war and not just fight it at an intellectual level, trying quietly to present the overwhelming mountain of evidence that shows that 99% of the people on the registry will not reoffend and that over 99% of all new sex crimes are committed by people that are not on the registry and that there is an extreme collateral damage, not only to the registered citizens but also to everyone that is associated with them. This quiet action has not got us very far in that new laws continue to be created, more restrictive and devastating than those before. The narrator’s point was, we are American citizens, all of us, and we have a right to get angry when our constitutional rights and those of registered citizens families are set aside not only by the legislators but by law enforcement and the general public. No I’m not suggesting we go out and blow up bridges, violence does no good for anyone, but we can and should start standing our ground and not be afraid to defend ourselves, because we know that we are in the right.

It is time that the group get angry and stop being polite. They have declared war on us, now It is time that we recognize that and we declare war on the legislators that put forth the bills to bolster their political venue without consideration to the Constitutional violations of their bills. It is time to get angry at the law enforcement that steps outside of its legal boundaries to make the lives of registrants and their families a living hell. It is time to start attacking the sociopathic vigilantes who feel that they have the right to break any law of man or God in their seeking of vengeance for imaginary wrongs.

We need to break out the 60s protest songs like Blowing in the Wind, The Times are a Changing, The Great Mandala (the wheel of life) El Salvador and Don’t Laugh at Me (by Peter Paul and Mary)

Anyone who proposes violence against another person or group quite obviously must have sociopathic tendencies. People with these antisocial tendencies can be found in the response or comment section of any article that involves a sex crime on the Web. If the same type of comment used against registered citizens was placed on the web against the president of the United States, the Secret Service would hunt down these people and either imprisoned them or lock them in an asylum.

It is time to get militant and strike back at the evil legislators who present bills that violate the Bill of Rights without considering the collateral consequences of their actions. It is time to take a stand against the sociopathic vigilantes who attack registered citizens and use bullying techniques and threats of physical harm and law enforcement who turns a blind eye when violations of civil rights are perpetrated upon registered citizens, not to mention the reporters and media outlets that twist the truth and perpetuate myths and lies. Last, but not least, are the professional therapist who use behavior modification and confrontational therapy that has been proven to increase the risk of re-offense. These same said therapists who disregard the confidentiality of their clients in violation of their Hippocratic oath and in some cases, state law by reporting information to parole and probation officers and showing total disregard for the effect of calling their clients liars and by forcing them to take polygraph and plethysmograph tests. is a start, but it needs to be expanded on by placing legislators and their staff members who present bills Whether they apply to registered citizens or to anyone else that violate the constitutional standards of our country on the list.  The list should include all law enforcement, who are charged with misconduct or a crime. There should also be a place for any other public official who makes Biased’ derogatory or faults statements or does things that violate the constitutional standards that have been set down in the Bill of Rights. There should be a place for the sociopathic vigilantes who spout lies and put forth misinformation And a special place for those vigilantes that put forth threats of violence against individuals or groups, and in some cases actually attack, or by their actions cause registered citizens and family members to be attacked and physically harmed. There also should be a place for Treatment providers Who use dubious methods in their treatment procedures or cause their clients to be violated.

In Ayn Rand’s epic novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ she predicted the downfall of American society by the loss of individual freedoms. The all-encompassing power of the government to control and regulate every portion of our lives and how the people in power will use rhetoric and propaganda to divert the people’s attention away from what they are doing , which is to further strip individual freedoms from American citizens Always in the name of safety.

We need a community notification website that shows the bigoted statements, miss-information, criminal behavior, civil rights and constitutional violations of these people, after all, THEY believe that having community notification about past actions will protect the community, because after all, past actions of behavior are a definite prediction according to them of future dangerousness to a community. This website needs to have not only their name, and the actions that put them on our registry. but also their business address, home address, e-mail address, the vehicles that they drive and home phone number. After all this is all public information, so when somebody does a search for these people they should find the truth out about what these people are Really like.

Perhaps when they and their family members become the brunt of ridicule and their children come crying home from school because of being ridiculed they will begin to understand that the community notification portion of the registry is in fact a form of punishment more severe than being imprisoned. 

3 comments for “Community notification of the Looters of society

  1. Alice Benson
    February 14, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    The media take every opportunity to crucify sex offenders and make the public believe that getting rid of sex offenders, from their neighborhoods, their schools, even their churches will undoubtedly keep their children safe.

    • Kathy Green
      February 21, 2014 at 12:15 pm

      Not true. There is no proof that this action reduces sex crimes. Rather it takes away the civil rights and humiliates those offenders making it difficult for them to return to society and live normal lives. Why does the law not include murderers, drug dealers, theives burglars and other despicable criminals? The criminal justice system is corrupt and controlled by corrupt politicians. We need politicians with “culiones” who have integrity, courage, compassion, ethics and manliness. Where do we find these people. It is frustrating and disheartening to live among these weak, frightened, even racist individuals who claim to be representing and protecting the American people. This is a fallacy and a travesty.

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