Finally True about the Victims of the Registry.

This press release from W.A.R. went to all Michigan Media and Legislators today…..

NEWS RELEASE: Michigan Law Promotes Child Abuse.

“The root of the problem is public hysteria,” said Vicki Henry, president of Women Against Registry, Inc. (WAR). “Children are being socially maimed, bullied, and shunned because lawmakers have chosen to ignore reality.”

A national organization of mothers, wives, sisters, and extended family members who have a loved one on the sex offender registry have united to speak out about the harmful effects that laws meant to protect children are having on an estimated 500,000 children nationwide, with an estimated 30,000 in the state of Michigan.

“We demand that all children be protected by our laws,” Henry elaborated. “We want happy-healthy family relationships for everyone.”And according to Henry, laws written since the inception of the Wetterling Act and Adam Walsh Act actually increase the risk of child abuse.

“People want a quick-fix, an easy solution to a complex problem. That’s how the registry started, with all of the best intentions in the world,” Henry summarized; emphasizing that “mounting evidence provided by top national scholars concludes that the true impact of these laws impedes the personal rehabilitation and family/community restoration of those convicted of an offense.”

“Worse yet”, Henry explains, “These laws do real harm to thousands of innocent children and put them at greater risk for societal failure.”

“Our lawmakers should be addressing the means that would protect all of our children,” said Kimberly DuBina, director of WAR, citing a long list of vigilante crimes directed towards registrants and their families.” Victims are vandalized, they and their children are threatened, terrorized with nasty graffiti, shunned and banned from public places and even murdered, all because we are mishandling the problem.” DuBina adds, “registrant family addresses being on a pubic registry makes the children prey for vigilantes and this is simply unacceptable!”

Women Against Registry, Inc, advocates for laws which are focused on protecting all children with a proactive focus on prevention, education and familial reunification. For more information, contact Vicki Henry, President, Women Against Registry, 636-208-5949 or visit https:/

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