Stew in Misery or Become Activist

As a Registrant I have first hand experience of what it is like to be shunned, humiliated, persecuted and exiled. The first few years as a Registrant I could not help but to live in constant fear. Over the years I began to learn the truth about the registry and how propaganda and politics, along with a distorted public opinion, filled with a fury of hate and hysteria, transformed the registry into a public arena of a modern day Roman Colosseum, commonly called the Pedophile List. Soon my fear turned to anger and my humiliation to valiance.

For a time politicians had a free ticket to popularity only by appearing tough on crime by targeting sex offenders and introducing legislation directed only at those on the registry, it was a free ticket because it would be met with very little opposition. As laws were easily passed, soon the effects left a trail of casualties as parents, children, entire families and their friends felt the effects of it’s unintended consequences. Today, many of them have become activists in direct opposition to the very laws politicians relied upon to gain recognition.

We live in a free country. Many lives were expended so we as citizens could live free from tyranny and oppression. Has it now become that our own government is turning into the very evil we as a people stood against? This is nothing new, Hitler himself deceived the entire German people. Politicians are losing their grip, now facts and science are beginning to expose their deceptive tactics.

If you are weary from the oppression, if you are stressed from the bondage, if you have fear from persecution, if you are distressed from unwarranted accusations, if you have been unfairly stigmatized as a result of the Registry, would you like to do something about it?

SOSEN has a wealth of information, especially for the determined activist.

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