NEWS RELEASE to National & Missouri Media from W.A.R.

NEWS RELEASE to National Media and Missouri Media

“Let’s cut to the chase,” Vicki Henry, President of Women Against Registry, Inc. (WAR), addressed her organization’s take on Missouri’s proposed “Constitutional Amendment #2” which is slated for the November 4 ballot in the group’s home-state. “This is an assault on the capstone of our justice system: The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

Speaking on behalf of the national volunteer organization of mothers, wives, sisters, fiancées, grandmothers, friends and the extended-family members of those who, she said, “Deserve to be safe from abuse or harm, just like all of us, but who endure ongoing tragedy as a result of fear-mongering paranoia and the unintended consequences of laws which do much more harm than good,” Henry condemned Missouri’s proposed “Constitutional Amendment #2” as “Just another example of wrongheaded action trying to make things right.”

“Have you ever been accused of an offense but not charged?” Barbara Rehling, Missouri WAR Chapter Director, elaborated on the life-quaking consequences of the proposed amendment. “Maybe you were charged and proven not guilty? Or you were convicted of a crime, but it was years ago and you’ve had a clean record ever since? Giving prosecutors indiscriminate authority to use historical ‘bad acts’ as Character Evidence for the purpose of demonstrating a person’s criminal propensity is emphatically prohibited.”

“So what we really have here is another ‘save the children / tough on crime’ political humbug,” Henry continued. “Realistically, it does not prevent harm to anyone and yet sets the stage for Missouri citizens to throw away hundreds of millions of tax dollars on litigation, defending an amendment that any well-informed citizen knows is indefensible.”

“We strive to educate the public regarding the real harm being suffered by children and families by the eternal retribution they now endure, and we offer alternatives,” Rehling continued. “We want happy healthy family relationships centered on restoration, NOT eternal retribution. We promote reintegration as described in a recently released report by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers — Collateral Damage: America’s Failure to Forgive or Forget in the War on Crime – A Roadmap to Restore Rights and Status After Arrest or Conviction.”

“That’s why we strongly urge voters to consider the far-reaching consequences of their power at the polls,” Henry summarized. “And understand that only a ‘NO’ vote will safeguard the way of life that our military men and women give their lives to preserve.”

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