The way to Freedom: FIGHT your case. YOU are the only one who can change it.

The way to freedom: FIGHT YOUR CASE. No one can do it for you. Yes, many folks are involved in preventing more laws from being created, however, the laws will probably not change on a federal level for many, many years. The only real progress that is being made are either by individuals hiring attorneys, or public defenders to take on their case, or as in the case of California, their RSOL president Janice Belluci updated her law credentials, picked a specific issue (residency restrictions), and just went to town. However, the best way to proceed DEPENDS ON YOUR STATE but everyone has a right to fight their case. I would be happy to tell anyone how I am doing that but i do not feel comfortable leaving details of my case here for all to see. We must ALL be involved in some way with our own cases, that is the ONLY way at this moment. Educate yourself on what is going on right NOW and how individuals are getting off the list, off the public list, getting their designation level changed or their residency restrictions lifted. They are winning cases left and right using ex post facto laws, loopholes, punitive/vs civil arguments and the newest is about to happen as the Ohio Supreme Court is about to deem their sex offender laws “cruel and unusual”. This would not be happening if those folks in Ohio did not take action in the courts. Stop waiting for someone to do if for you, our system is not set up like that, but you do have power and our system is set up to hear you. If you would like more information contact me at Also my youtube page is dedicated to Solution-Based information and resources to get you educated. We all know the problem and we have mountains of material and research that explains it. Complaining about it is not going to help you. YOU must begin perpetuating the SOLUTION for YOUR case!

Thank you I look forward to speaking with you.

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