Laurenskids: Smokescreen or Smoking Gun?

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AVNETNEWS April 26, 2015 –

The Laurenskids Rally April 22, 2015 in Tallahassee, Fl was designed and sponsored by Ron Book – an extremely wealthy attorney, lobbyist, activist and his daughter Lauren Book a sexual abuse victim.
Book continues to wage a “scorched earth” policy on any and all citizens convicted or accused of any sex offense after his daughter was molested by an illegal alien nanny he hired. Book apparently failed to do due diligence to check the nanny’s modus operandi. He now continues to wage a war on all sex offenders, their children, families and constitutional rights.

Big Corporate Money Funders
Laurens walk funded by many corporate sponsors such as GEO – the private contractor of Florida’s prison systems and many others melded state government resources with non profit entities into an unrecognizable combined entity here with state and private entities. such as Laurenskids, Ron Books Law Firm and GEO whom he is a lobbyist. Ron Book has been scrutinized for multiple conflicts of interests.

The blue smoke bombs shown in the Laurenkids walk grand finale, invoked a prophetical significance that to many went unnoticed:
◊     The reaction to the smoke was more like tear gas than the intended colorful dramatic fluff. Many involved began coughing and wheezing.
◊  The prophetical simile to a smokescreen rather than a colorful smoke bomb invoked concern in many listeners to the Laurenskids dog and pony show because of the lack of fact based research in the Books emotional appeals while using state taxpayer resources.
◊  The speeches lasting for approximately an hour contained no facts, research or any other rebuttal from other sources. Rather at one point the Books invoked a Tammy Fay Bakker style tearfest.
◊  Book claimed the event was timed during the same time the legislature and senate were in session voting upon his bill which smacks of a personal statute to convict one alleged offender who had long past a family related offense long past the statute of limitations. Book spun the matter as a “loophole”.
◊  The modus operandi of the event would have made Adolf Hitler proud. It is said the greatest compliment to pay someone is to imitate them. The same modus operandi of no information, facts or misinformation to employ the hijacking of the rule of constitution or law here applies: the blue shirts, blue shirt youth carrying firearms combined with the stunning lack of information combined with misleading by misinformation, all culminating in the hijacking of the entire state government of Florida and the citizens constitutional rights as Hitler did in the ‘30’s in Germany.

Bystanders who knew better began asking questions: Unanswered Questions.
Ron Book claimed many of the blue shirt marchers were state government legislators, senators, additionally Governor Scott, the lt. Governor and many other state government officials appeared. In summary, nearly the entire state government was shut down appearing for this event organized by Ron Book and Lauren Book. Additionally, Ron Book is quoted to say that many legislators and Senators stuffed the ranks of the blue shirt marchers. Clearly this group of marchers were made to look like a grass roots movement; in reality most marchers were on the state payroll.

Blue Shirt Youth Marchers with Firearms.
Others including this journalist observed blue shirt youth carrying weapons with badges. The question remains – what did the Books hope to say by arming youth with firearms? What were they trying to protect? Or intimidate? An armed assault on the marchers? Or marchers on citizens? By who? For what purpose? The crowd was according to Book was stuffed with state employees, not a grass root movement as lead to appear.

The simile to Hitler’s Brown shirts and later the SS Gestapo stuns those of us remembering history when Hitler hijacked the Republic of Germany in the ‘30s.

The Books heavy handed modus operandi continues to employ a scorched earth policy against offenders, their innocent children while destroying thousands of Florida families, children and marriages in the process. The publication of this misinformation has no basis in fact in the Books claim of “high recidivism” rather contradicts fact base research from the Dept. of Justice and independent studies from at least fourteen other states. The Books toxic Modus Operandi is not limited to Florida. Many protesters flew in at their own expense from many other states around the United States testifying of their concern for the Books ongoing war against the constitution and silent citizens.

The Books malformed premise ignores the following facts, where their own scorched earth policies create fatherless children (parental alienation) who commit much of the most egregious crime in our society: (parental alienation is recognized as child abuse by most psychologists. Dr. Craig A. Childress USC says that parental alienation is equal in severity to the most severe types of child abuse. Search Youtube for Dr. Richard Childers) Parental Alienation is also criminalized in Brazil and Mexico:

It’s All About the Children?

 There are numerous facts that are quashed by the Books and the organizations that support them. Amongst these is the fact that over 150,000 children, including ones as young as eight years old, have been added to the registry, not to mention the the collateral damage that has been done to families by Book’s scorched earth policy. At the present time many studies have shown that the damage to this group of individuals is substantial and ongoing. To give you an idea, in a study done by Jill Levenson the family impact study for children of registered citizens  it was found that 47% of this group’s children have been harassed ,59% have been ridiculed by others, 22% have been physically attacked, 65% feel left out and lonely, 77% suffer from depression, 63% suffer from fear, 73% suffer from anxiety, 13% have suicidal tendencies and 80% have anger issues related to government sanctions against their parents.

Recognizing percentages doesn’t always make a lot of sense, so let’s get down to the real numbers, 352,500 children have been harassed, 442,500 children have been ridiculed, 156,000 children have been physically attacked, 487,500 children feel left out and lonely, 577,500 suffer from depression, 472,500 suffer from fear, 547,500 suffer from anxiety, 97,500 children have suicidal tendencies and over 600,000 children have anger issues. All of this is directly related to community notification and the registry. So to do away with community notification and in fact, the registry, will really save children’s lives and their futures, where as the registry and community notification, and all that goes along with it, has not been proven to save a single child’s life in the over 20 years of its existence.

To the contrary, studies are all showing that community notification and the registries are really making our communities less safe. If the Book’s organization was actually about child safety, and not using their position to follow through on a vigilante vendetta, they would actually be standing up and demanding removal of community notification to save the over 1/2 million children in this country that are suffering collateral damage because of these laws.

One insidious fact about the Books factless scorched earth agenda is – they continue to grow stinking rich off the backs of the fatherless children they create, the broken homes, and the collateral damage done to children of people on the registry. But it would appear that they don’t really care about children at all, their only goal is to create a populace that they can send to the prison which they and their cronies benefit from, all the while inflicting mental and emotional torture on the children that are on the registry and children of registered citizens. This is so great in some cases that it has resulted in childrens suicides. It does not just end there, all the other family members of registered citizens suffer that same collateral damage inflicted by people such as the Books and other victims organizations where vigilantes and bullies hide behind the title of “victims’ advocates” and line their pockets, all the while destroying children’s lives.

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