Looks like Community Notification of the Registry is more than a hit list for just Murderers.

Everyone loves the Department of Justice study that was done in 1997 looking at offenders released in 1994. The government has rehashed the study and done their best to make sex offenders look very bad. The study was reevaluated in 2001, 2002, and in 2003 and for the governments part, they like to point to the fact that 517 (5.3%) of the 9,691 offenders released in 1994 were rearrested for a new sex crime. Then they grudgingly admit that f those 517 only 339 (3.5%) were reconvicted of a new sex crime. Since the government is been so kind as to point out this 5.3% to 3.5% difference we can draw some conclusions. What they have overlooked is the fact that 34% of all former sex offenders who were arrested obviously have been falsely accused of their crimes because they are not reconvicted. So, over one third of the people that are on the registry and charged with the new sex crime have been done so falsely. Thanks in part to the fact that their names are on the public hit list, I’m sure this thereby makes them easy targets for accusations and vigilantes alike.

update aug. 5 2015 @ 11;00 pm

I posted this on August 5, and then I get a notice from the Florida action committee that they have posted a similar article on August 3 that I feel most definitely ties in to this article.

Sex Offenders are Easy Targets

Posted by on August 3, 2015  http://floridaactioncommittee.org/sex-offenders-are-easy-targets/

A South Daytona registered citizen was accused of soliciting a teen in a bathroom of a party venue at a local mall.

Allegedly, a 15 year old boy was at a birthday party at the venue, went to use the bathroom, someone made suggestive gestures under the stall. The boy and his father followed the suspect until he slipped away, but then the father went on the FDLE site to identify the alleged perpetrator, who was then arrested and is sitting in jail.

Here’s the problem; while the accused was at the mall, the owner of the party venue says he has 12 cameras in his location and confirmed that the registrant wasn’t in the venue.

While we don’t know what really happened, the story points out how easy it is for a registrant to be targeted by a vigilante.. Suppose the father saw the man in the mall, recognized the registrant from the list and decided to provide a little of his own justice, it would be very easy to do.

To read the rest of the article go to the Florida action committee website



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