There is value in having registries???

WAAAAAAAT?  The registry has great value:

It employs thousands of people around the country in SO Management offices.
There are dozens of spin off watchdog sites regurgitating the state information and making money from it.
It keeps app creators employed who make offender finding apps for phones.
It keeps background check companies in business, it opens up new clients for those companies as churches and volunteer organizations now run background checks on their members.
It provides grant money to police jurisdictions who have a sex offender problem so they can arrest more sex offenders and get more grant money to fight their growing sex offender problem.
It lowers property values making it possible for undesirable people to afford better housing.
It totally stopped the epidemic of children being abducted on Halloween. Totally.
It has stopped the epidemic of children being abducted by mall Santas.
It helps to keep our prisons open.
It employs thousands of handlers in those civil confinement centers.
Since it isn’t PC to hate blacks, gays, witches and women anymore, it gives us someone to hate and ostracize with impunity.  Even Christians can hate sex offenders and be praised for it.
It sells news papers when the headline reads “SEX OFFENDER” regardless of the story content.
It fosters civic duty and democracy as people step foot in town halls for the first time in their lives to protest a sex offender moving into their neighborhood.
It made Lunesford and Walsh multi millionaires.
It helps to get tough on sex offender judges and DA’s elected.
It helps murderers, burglars, drug dealers, rapists, gang members and arsonists to not look so bad, since they don’t hurt children.
It helps politicians to do nothing while appearing to be doing something, thus, getting re-elected.
It lets vigilantes get praise for doing something henious.
It helps lonely housewives, people in denial, people with no selfesteem, people hiding in closets and people who protest too much to feel better about their worthless selves.
It deters people like Sandusky and Ariel Castro from committing sex crimes.
It gives people with Facebook an opportunity to spew venom and hate while they pretend to be good and better.
In addition, it is a blessing to those who are on it as they discover who their friends really are and they discover true friendship.
It opens up depth and meaning to the words mercy, grace, forgiveness and compassion (with+suffering).
It educates us to the meaning of social justice, legal issues, politics, lobbying, etcetera.
It opens up new opportunities for growth as many sex offenders seek alternate means of means.
It allows some sex offenders to experience a spiritual peace as they discover the joy of being poor and free rather than a rich slave to someone else.  I used to put in 60 hour work weeks, quadrupled my employers profit and had no free time.  Now I have significantly less money but a ton of free time and great friends.  We live the dream – if we choose to see it that way.  Money is nice but overrated.  Face it, on your deathbed, you’re not going to wish you spent more time working.  Run with it.  The haters, on their deathbeds, they’ll lie there wishing they hated more, and THAT, makes all the difference.  The road less traveled is now open to us.  Hate and love diverge in a yellow wood . . .

5 comments for “There is value in having registries???

  1. Scott
    October 2, 2015 at 5:23 am

    Could this mean we are living the way of the 5th seal according to the book of Revelations?? Do people pray the lords prayer not knowing they are making an oath because when we pray and worship, we are making an oath.

    Or are most people living the old testament times where we cut someones hand off because they steal or gouge out your eye when you look to someone in lust??

    Who really wrote the Bible. Was it Government or are we ignorant to our teachings??

    Maybe people should be reminded that God said vengence was his. Let God do his work and stop trying to be God. You’re not That Good. (Sorry to burst your bubble)

  2. Scott
    October 3, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    let’s not feel alone guys and gals. Rumor has it some senators are pushing for a registry for drug dealers. Heard this on the news the other night. Would have posted a link but it’s still early on and not big news as of yet.

  3. Molly
    October 4, 2015 at 10:02 am

    The whole $ex Offender regi$try i$ an indu$try. The perfect scheme to make money and extort money from people desperate to not go back to prison or jail.

  4. Kayt
    October 5, 2015 at 5:52 am

    I applaud the person who wrote the staff article, “There is value in having registries???” I hope that everyone who reads this article about the registries having value will stop to think about what the author is trying to say, that the general public is being fed stories that are untrue and the government is running with it all the way to the bank.

    The prisons are huge cash cows for many people and the government is using the ignorance and fear of the American public to guarantee that the prisons are filled. Our job is to educate the general public because most people have no idea what the laws are or how they are used until they are entrapped by one of those laws. If we don’t educate the public, we fail.

    God wrote his book to educate some very ignorant minds and inform those who were looking for truth. In his book, God tells us that vengeance is his but he also tells us to get to work and do what he’s telling us that needs to be done. God’s people are his servants and we are here to do the work that he’s telling us to do. Right now, in this time and place, God is telling us to educate the public about the laws of entrapment that are filling prisons and the registry that is destroying lives.

  5. Scott
    October 6, 2015 at 2:39 am

    If we can educate our politicians to be free from too much power and refresh their minds of the human and civil rights and the ammendments we’d be doing wonders. Politicians right now are only interested in what the majority want and the amount of votes they get to get the job. They focus on the Big ticket items regardless of what rights they trample on that come before us. Whether they are God given or Not. Some are threatened their job if they don’t follow suit that go against the grain of the rest of the politicians.

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